Giving Directions: Writing a “How-To” Essay

giving directions

By Jennifer Swanson Directions. We follow them every day. Some of them are things we’ve just learned to do. But other directions need more explanation. How do you ride a skateboard? Or make cupcakes? You read the directions. A How-To” essay is simply an article that tells people how to do something. But are reading […]

Naming Characters

Kids are writers-10

By Sophia Mallonée- The names of your characters are just as important as the characters themselves. What’s in a name? Names can give the reader an idea of the background of your character, the location (where in the world) they are from and a sense of the character’s overall identity. A memorable character, usually has […]

Coach: Sophia Mallonée

Sophia Mallonee

Sophia Mallonée (pronounced mal-o-nay) is a former artist’s agent, mother to a daughter (and two crazy dogs), wife to a photographer, music lover, obsessive reader and lifelong writer. She grew up playing in the freshwater springs and forests of northern Florida, where she now resides once more after traveling and living throughout the country. Though […]

How To Hook Your Readers

How to Hook...

By Brian Reynolds- Hooking the reader’s attention is an important part of good writing. If you can’t quickly gain a reader’s interest, why would they bother reading the rest of your work? The best writing manages to grab readers immediately before it can enjoy the freedom of entertaining, sharing its message, informing, or otherwise fulfilling […]

Coach: Brian Reynolds

Brian Reynolds 2

Brian Reynolds is an author living in Kansas with his wife, their two dogs who think the family is a pack, their two ferrets who have an eternal but clumsy vendetta against feet, and their giant rat who is content quietly judging all of them for their ridiculous behavior. He wishes to spend the rest […]

Student Work: Summer Camp 2014

Summer camp 014

It’s time to celebrate! You all did a marvelous job at KIDS ARE WRITERS Summer Camp. I am so proud of all of your efforts. The  following pieces of work were either submitted for publication or were found in the comment sections after the prompts.  Please take the time to read and comment on one another’s […]

Story on a Roll


By Michelle Lynn Senters- Coming up with ideas for a fiction story can be difficult. Today, you will play a game to help generate ideas. ACTIVITY GAME:  Story on a Roll NEED: paper, pencil, die (If you don’t have a die, you can play use playing cards #1-6 OR write #1-6 on small pieces of paper.) PREPARATION: […]