First Responder
Thank You, First Responders

Take a moment today to write a letter of thanks the first responders of your community. These unsung heroes deserve our thanks and appreciation. Encourage someone today!

Summer Camp last day-5
Sun On Your Face

Today is the last day of summer camp! I hope you enjoyed yourself and developed a new interest in writing. For our last prompt, imagine you met a robot who longs to become a human. He asks you to explain what summer is like. What would you say? Write a paragraph that evokes the senses. What does summer feel, taste, smell, sound, and look like?

Have a wonderful school year. Check regularly for new prompts and KEEP WRITING!

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

Being the oldest of four siblings, I’ve experienced my fair share of sibling rivalry. Oh, the fights and arguments and tattling! It is a wonder we survived it all, especially my little brother. He was notorious for harassing his sisters. I remember one particular morning in which he decided to wake me up with a […]

Pourquoi Tales

Pourquoi Tales

A Pourquoi tale is a fictional story that explains WHY something is the way it is. “Pourquoi” means “why” in French. Watch the video below for an example of a Native American Pourquoi tale about why the rabbit has a short tail. ACTIVITY Today, you will write your own pourquoi tale. To determine your topic, choose […]

A Matter of Perspective

How would each character describe their day in New York City? Think about the perspective of others who may live in the city: a child, actor, dog, street performer, business man, mother, or immigrant. Write a paragraph about how one of these characters would describe their day.  Click the blue comment button to share your first name, age, state, country, and your paragraph.

Unlikely friends

It is often difficult to make new friends in school, especially when you have different interests. Write a story about how these unlikely students became best friends. Click the blue comment button to share your first name, age, state, country, and your story.

A Teeny, Tiny Story

A Teeny, Tiny Story

Writing Prompt Use the following photographs to create a story. The photos can be used in any order. Answer the questions to plan your story. Who is the story about? What do the ants want? What is their problem? How did they solve their problem? How does the story end? CHECK-IN Write your first name, […]

Story on a Roll


By Michelle Lynn Senters- Coming up with ideas for a fiction story can be difficult. Today, you will play a game to help generate ideas. ACTIVITY GAME:  Story on a Roll NEED: paper, pencil, die (If you don’t have a die, you can play use playing cards #1-6 OR write #1-6 on small pieces of paper.) PREPARATION: […]

Summer Vacation- DISASTER

Copy of What's Your Problem?

Writing Prompt Use your imagination to dream up the perfect vacation. Who are you vacationing with? Where are you going? How did you get there? What activities did you plan? Insert a terrible problem. (Look at the photos below for ideas.) What problem got in the way of your perfect vacation? How did everyone react? […]

Copy of Copy of PICTURE

Write a short story using the above photo prompt for inspiration.
Click the blue comment button to share your first name, age, state, country, title and story.

What’s Your Problem?

-The Questions of Conflict

What's Your Problem?

When planning their story, authors use various tools to determine plot line and character development. One effective tool they use is “questioning”. By questioning or interviewing their main character, authors develop a deeper sense of who their character is and how conflict affects them. This, in turn, helps the reader to connect to the character. ACTIVITY […]

The Infomercial

the Infomercial

In 1975, advertising executive, Gary Dahl invented the “pet rock” after hearing his friends complain about their real pets. Gary sold 1.5 million pet rocks for $4.00 each, making him a millionaire in only 6 months. ACTIVITY Today, you are going to write an infomercial script for a new and improved, updated and contemporary pet rock. […]

The Steal

Find a creative way to combine the four items above into a funny story for children.
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