Elephant Kid

no elephants


by Ruthie, age 8

My name is Sid and I really, really like elephants. I even live on Elephant Street! My favorite food is anything similar to what elephants eat, if humans can eat that sort of thing. Maybe they shouldn’t but I do. I love the circus but, I don’t go if they don’t have elephants.

My mom says I’m crazy. My dad says I’m obsessed. My teacher thinks I’m repetitive because my word story problems always include elephants.

My pillow is shaped like an elephant, and so is my bed. My favorite color is grey. In art I always make everything a wrinkly texture like an elephant and kids nicknamed me Ellie the Elephant, and they thought I’d be upset. But I love it!


ss5Ruthie was inspired to write this story from the “Character Study” writing prompt. Click here to view the prompt.

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