The Mystery of the Missing Fish

Goldfish in an aquariumTHE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING FISH
by Chavilah, age 15
Fresno, California, USA

John Turner ran into the living room to feed his new fish their dinner. He stopped. Where were his fish? This was the third time his fish had gone missing! Each time his fish went missing they never came back. Mom had told John that if his fish went missing again that she was not going to buy him any more.

John looked around sadly, he really enjoyed watching his fish and letting his younger sister Emma feed them. Just then he spied Mop, Emma’s cat, curled up in the corner of the desk. “That’s it !” said John, “Mop and Midnight must have eaten them. But how did they get out of Emma’s room?”

Then John remembered that little cousin Sarah was staying with them and she was not used to keeping doors shut. Sarah’s parents were missionaries and they had learned to do a lot of things differently. John decided to forgive. He knew that if he wanted to be a missionary he would have to learn to forgive and forget quickly. As John turned to go, he decided that he would tell his Mom about the situation. He would not say anything to Emma and especially not Sarah. Sarah already had a bunch of new things to learn.

“Dinner time!” called the little girls excitedly. Mr. and Mrs. Turner came to the table.

Mrs. Turner said, “Thank you girls for making dinner. I really appreciate it!” Mr. Turner said, “Smells mighty good!” even though he was pretty sure by the smell that they were having the same thing the girls always made. Thankfully, they had cooked only a few times that week.

Mr. Turner prayed, then the girls got up giggling and began to serve the food.

“Yum, yum!” said John. “This is really good! What type of fish did you use?”

“Goldfish!” The girls replied together.

Ohhh, thought John, Maybe that is why my fish keep disappearing!

Mrs. Turner smiled at the girls and said, “Girls, John’s pet fish keep disappearing. Do you know anything about it?”

“Oh!” said Sarah, “I did not know that those were John‘s pets. I am really sorry John!” Emma said, “ I am sorry too. I just thought that we could be like Uncle Stephen and fish.” Then Sarah and Emma confessed to serving John’s fish for dinner the other two times.

The next day, John’s mother got him some new fish and the next week, Mr. Turner took the whole family fishing!

Kids are writers-2Chavilah was inspired to write this story using the “Missing Cookies Movie Prompt”. Click here to view the prompt.

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6 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Missing Fish

  1. Hi Chavilah! That was a really hilarious story! I thought that it was really funny that you kept it a secret about them eating the fish until the end of the story! Great job writing!
    Your Sister

  2. Oh Chavilah, this was a great story with a funny twist. I wonder what made you think of having the girls cook the gold fish. it ended happily though because no one got angry at the girls.

  3. So glad you and your sister joined us at KIDS ARE WRITERS. The Mystery of the Missing Fish caught me by surprise. I would have never guessed that the girls were cooking them! You effectively led the reader into a false conclusion that the cat had eaten the fish, which would have been a typical explanation. By distracting the reader, you gave the ending an extra punch. Good job!

  4. Chavilah – You definitely put a good plot twist in this one. The ending was very unexpected. And even though it was a bit sad that the fish were eaten, you bring the readers spirits back up with the ending lines!