The Frightened Knight

by Hosanna, age 13
Fresno, California, USA

Mrs. Carly Knight was a little lady who lived in a grand house in a town called Clean Town. The road that she lived on was called Nottaspeck Road. She had decided that this was a good place to live because there would not be a speck of dust in sight.

Unfortunately for Mrs. Knight, this did not mean that she did not have to clean her house or trim her bushes. Instead, Mrs. Knight had to make sure that her house was spotless and her yard looked beautiful. Because Mrs. Knight did not like to work outdoors, she hired someone to do it for her.

Mrs. Knight had lived there for a month when there was quite a commotion in the neighborhood. One day, the police department received a call from someone on Nottaspeck Road who talked about something big and horrible in her house. The lady was nearly yelling into the phone. At last they calmed the frightened lady down enough to get the address of the house. In order to be safe the police department sent out five policemen.

They arrived at the house a few minutes later. They were greeted by an hysterical lady who kept jumping around and nervously kept looking over her shoulder into the house. She led them into the kitchen and pointed at the floor. “R-right th-th-there!” she gasped. The policemen looked but they could not see a thing. “Where mam?” asked one of the policemen not understanding. The woman pointed again but the policemen still could not see a thing. They looked at each other in confusion. Where was the mysterious thing?

At last one of the policemen looked very hard at the floor and saw … A spider! “This?” he said. The lady nodded and ran away to another room. The policemen looked at each other. Had they heard correctly? The policeman squished the spider grinning. The lady came back in cautiously, just in time to see the policeman throw the dead spider into the trash. She then asked them breathlessly, “W-will y-you p-p-please take the t-trash out?” The men grinned at each other, chuckled and emptied the lady’s trash.

At last the policemen left. They thought it funny that they had spent an hour at a lady’s house who’s last name was Knight and who was defiantly not as brave as one! They were still laughing about the situation when they got back to the police station. They told the story to the Police Chief with great gusto about the lady who had called them to squish an itty bitty spider no bigger than a pin prick!

Unfortunately the Police Chief told them that the time they had spent on that ridiculous trip … accounted for their lunch break! The Police Chief told them that it was now time for his lunch break. Police Chief Knight went home to his wife … Mrs. Carly Knight … and together they ate lunch!

SS23Hosanna was inspired to write this story using the “Sources of Inspiration” writing prompt. Click here to view the prompt.

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9 thoughts on “The Frightened Knight

  1. Hosanna, I laughed so hard at the ending. The police chief was very sly to get his policemen to go kill the spider so he could go home for lunch. Great work!

  2. Dear Hosanna,
    I thought you did a wonderful job, it was both funny and creative!!
    The character has a very unique personality as well! Great job! -Bekah-

  3. Hosanna- You mentioned in a different comment that you didn’t know you could write or that you would like writing before summer camp. I can hardly believe that because this story is so well written! You set the scene well, have a strong build to the climax, AND a surprise ending. As a teacher, I am rarely surprised with endings. I’ve seen them all. I did not expect your ending, however. VERY clever. You came up with this idea earlier in the summer camp and I encouraged you to write a story about it. You did it! I’m so proud of you.

  4. Hi Mrs. Senters,
    I really,really liked the picture that you posted for my story! It was perfect! I had been a little dissappointed that I did not have time to look on the internet for a picture to go with it as I did not really want to draw. I was very surprised! Thank you so much!

  5. Great story, Hosanna! You create such a great character in Mrs. Knight. The names you selected were so clever. I love “Clean Town” and “Nottaspeck Road.” They add an additional layer for the reader.