A Girl and Her Dog

a girl and her dog


by Jennifer

My name is Sarah Carson and I have always been small. My dog Teddy is always there to protect me. My daddy around me so they said he was mine. Teddy is a Blood Hound, a big one compared to me. We always walk on the same sidewalk every day and see the same things, the fence, grass, and of course, the sidewalk.

On the first day of school daddy drove Teddy and me. Everyone there laughed, but Teddy made them stop. I said “Just because I am small means nothing.”

No one laghed any more after that unless I told a joke, “Knock knock” , ” Whose there?” “Teddy” “Teddy who?” “Teddy the Blood Hound!”

ss5Jennifer was inspired to write this story from the “Character Study” writing prompt. Click here to view the prompt.

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