An Invention Tested

by Bekah, age 13
Ahwahnee, California, USA

“Now’s my chance,” whispered Frank the penguin. “Creeping up on the sleeping unsuspecting prey, Frank, the genius, crawls up onto the polar bear’s back,” Frank narrates quietly to himself.

The polar bear continues to sleep—snoring contentedly.

“Frank, brilliant in both appearance and mind braces himself. Spreading apart his strong flappers or fins- whatever those humans call them, he holds a cymbal in each hand.” Frank continues to narrate, beginning to raise his voice. Squeezing his beady eyes shut, he holds his breath—his cheeks bulge. Then, Whoosh! The two cymbals clang together, echoing across his frozen world. One cannot accurately say that all was silent however.

Oh, did that bear jump! I will not describe in detail what happened to Frank after his new invention was tested on the wrong kind of guinea pig, but I will say that Frank has been far more careful in his choice of test subjects ever since. He greatly prefers the animals with less fiery tempers!

ss19Bekah was inspired to write this story using the “Make Me Laugh” writing prompt. Click here to view the prompt.


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8 thoughts on “An Invention Tested

  1. Hi Bekah,
    I thought that was a really funny story!It made our whole family laugh! Good job! You really made it interesting! Hope you are doing well! We all say “Hi”!

  2. Awesome writing, Bekah! I espeically like this sentence: “Squeezing his beady eyes shut, he holds his breath—his cheeks bulge.” That gave me a great visual and feeling for what he was going through. Keep up the good work!

  3. Bekah – I love the character you created here. Frank is so funny, and we get such a great glimpse of his personality with the way he narrates about himself. “Frank, the genius” – haha.

  4. Fun story! I liked how you describe it.I just looked at the other comments and released I already commented on yours! So funny! :)