Anthropomorphism: Make Objects Come Alive


4 Steps to Making Objects Come Alive in Your Writing!

Can socks talk? Do eggplants have feelings? Can steering wheels choose to turn? As writers, we can make anything come alive. When we make objects or animals have human qualities, it’s called anthropomorphism! Here’s how to use anthropomorphism in your story.

laundry1. Choose an object. Look around the room. Find an unlikely object. Maybe your dirty laundry, or better yet, the scribbles your little brother left on the wall.

2. Imagine how that object feels. If your dirty laundry is on the floor, it might feel sad or neglected. Maybe it wants to be in the laundry room because it’s ready to get clean? The scribbles on the wall may feel proud to be somewhere they aren’t supposed to be. Or maybe they’re scared that someone will wipe them off the wall and they will be gone forever.

scribbles_on_wall_in_kids_play_room_lmg10188_0103. Ask what that object will do about its feelings. The dirty laundry feels lonely or neglected. Maybe it comes up with a plan to get to the laundry room by making friends with the dog. The scribbles might do anything in their power to stay on the wall. Maybe they move away when the magic eraser comes by. Maybe they try to lighten up, so the Mom of the house can’t see them.

4.Write it down. Write about those shoes, or that broccoli or the really tight curl on your sister’s head. Write about their feelings and what they’re going to do about those feelings. Now you’ve got the beginning of a beautiful anthropomorphic story!

I’m off to write my own anthropomorphic story…
I wonder how my computer feels about the incessant tapping and what it’s willing to do about it?


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  1. I’ll definitely use this as a homeschool creative writing assignment. Thanks a bunch, Kirsti! Now let me go take care of our “sad,” “neglected” laundry. :)

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