Attic Treasure

Attic Treasure

By Michelle Lynn Senters

Writing Prompt of the Day

1. IMAGINE: During a recent visit to your Great Aunt, you snuck away from your family to explore her grand, old house. A long stairway took you to the attic, which contained furniture, trinkets, toys, books, and clothing from long ago.  Something caught your eye…

2. QUESTION: Why did you notice it? What was the object and what was it for? Where did you find it? Did you touch it? Did anything unusual happen? How did you physically/emotionally feel when you found it? Did you keep it a secret or did you talk to someone about it?

3. WRITE a paragraph detailing the object and the moment you found it.  Make your writing so vivid and real that the reader will feel like they are there, experiencing it with you.

5. CHECK-IN: In the comment section below, share your first name, age, state, and country. Share your “Attic Treasure” paragraph.

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One thought on “Attic Treasure

  1. Hello! My name is Naomi and I’m a 13 year old girl from South Carolina, USA. I hope you enjoy my short story. Sorry if it’s a little long- I’m better at writing longer stories and novels than shorter ones.
    It was another boring day at Great Aunt Addy’s. My mom and dad had forced my brother and me to come to her old, falling apart house to help clean the huge place before Addy put it on the market when she moved to a nursing home. Mom and Dad sat down to talk to my great Aunt as my brother Eli and I began on the work. Grabbing a mop, bucket, and other cleaning supplies, I was beginning the climb up the old, wooden stairs when Addy called my name.
    “What?” I grumbled, assuming she was about to pile on some more work. I was correct.
    “Can you clean the attic? There’s some pretty cool stuff up there, and I know how much you love history. If you find anything you want, ask me and I’ll probably let you take it. I’m not really sure what’s up there; I haven’t been in years.” This spring cleaning trip was suddenly a lot more interesting. After telling Addy I would, I bounded up the stairs to the attic and opened the white, wooden door.
    Dust billowed around me, causing me to cough a little. Addy was clearly not lying when she said she hadn’t been up here in forever. When the dust cleared, I could see the piles of random things, all looking like they were from more than 50 years ago. I felt myself smile in this history nerd’s paradise.
    My cleaning things were forgotten as I ran from pile to pile, ecstatic. This was going to be the best cleaning trip ever! My eyes caught on a beautiful chest, and I dashed over to it.
    The thing was battered with its white body star studded with stickers. As I looked closer, I could see those stickers were actually places Addy had been. New York, LA, Los Vegas, Fairbanks Alaska, Toronto, Cape Cod, Paris, London, Germany! You name it, the sticker was probably there. And I had always assumed Addy had lived her whole life in our small, Southern town! And there, right in the center, Addy’s name was stenciled in with black paint. It was so cool! I pulled at one of the buckles in an attempt to open the chest, but it was locked.
    I tried a few more times, but the chest still stayed stubbornly closed. Just then, Great Aunt Addy called my name.
    “Naomi! Time to go!” Upset I couldn’t get into the chest(actually, I felt like I was about to cry, and crying was not something I usually did as a fourteen year old), I grabbed my mop and bucket. But then, in a flash, I remembered Addy’s words. ‘If you find anything you want, ask me and I’ll probably let you take it.’
    My heart beat faster. Maybe she would let me have the chest! After all, it looked like it hadn’t been touched in years.
    I grabbed it and pulled the heavy thing down the stairs, cringing at the bump it made with each step.
    “Aunt Addy?” My heart beat quickly as I told her what I wanted. “You know how you said that you didn’t want most of the stuff in the attic?” She nodded. “Well, can I have this chest? It seems really cool.” Addy nodded again.
    ” That chest documented all of my adventures around the world. There are journals, pictures, notes, and even an old camera in the chest. But you’ll need this if you want to get into it.” Addy handed me a small key that I immediately saw matched the lock.
    “Thank you so much!” I cried, giving my great Aunt a huge hug.
    “It’s my pleasure to see someone so happy with it.”
    Twenty minutes later, I was up in my room at our house. I had just opened the chest and the bounty lay in there, pristine after so many years. There were clothes that might just fit me in bright colors, an old Polaroid camera(the kind they used int he 1950s), and journals piled high. Picking up the first journal, I saw the date 1954 on it and gasped. It really was from a long time ago!
    Cautious to not hurt the leather notebook, I opened to the first page. On it was a picture of a young man who looked oddly familiar. Beneath the black-and-white photograph lay a few lines in Aunt Addy’s messy scrawl.
    ‘Today I met a lovely young man in the Ecuador jungle. I managed to snap a picture of him, and I learned his name is Samuel Johnson.’
    Samuel Johnson? That was the name of my Great Uncle before he passed away. I settle onto my bed, intrigued in the writings from the past. I’m sure glad I went to Great Aunt Addy’s today!

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