Be Your Character

Hmmm. What would my character think

By Kirsti Call-

I love a good book that makes me feel like the main character is my friend. Jerusha Abbot in Daddy Long Legs, is a character that I will always love because she is so real to me.


How do we make our characters come alive? Here is an exercise that helps me.

1. Sit in a chair and pretend you are your character. Think, move, talk, feel, and act like your character.

2. Have some friends or family ask you questions, and you respond as if you are your character. They can ask you anything. Here are a few ideas.

What’s your favorite color?
What makes you laugh?
What makes you cry?
What’s your favorite toy?
Who’s your favorite person and why?
What’s your favorite thing to do?
What are you really good at?
What are you really bad at?
What are you afraid of?
What does your room look like?

You may realize that you don’t have answers to many of the questions that people ask you. You might learn a little about your main character. You’ll probably gain insights into your character that help you write better story.

Recently I tried this with the main character in a middle grade novel I’m writing. She is more complex, more fun and more real to me now. And I discovered one of her secrets! Now that she is my friend, I’ll work on writing about her in a way that makes her a character that comes alive!

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Kirsti Call is a writer, a reader, an author, a therapist, a mother of five! Her first book, the Raindrop Who Couldn’t Fall came out in December. Learn more about Kirsti HERE and at