KIDS ARE WRITERS is designed to offer support, encouragement, inspiration and education to young writers, ages 10 – 18. The site offers weekly writing prompts that engage kids in challenging and creative ways.  We also post articles with tips, techniques and strategies for every area of writing.  Kids can participate at their own pace, in their areas of interest, and at no cost.  Completely free.

KIDS ARE WRITERS is a community and we can’t do this without you.

Ways to participate:

1. Become a coach.

Consider sharing your knowledge by becoming a coach.  “Guest coaches” submit articles on occasion.  “Coaches” submit articles regularly, possibly every month.
If interested in coaching, please do the following:

  • Check out our site.
  • Choose your area of interest and brainstorm article ideas.
  • Click on the “submissions” tab below to read the guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

2. Spread the news.

WE need help in one more thing.  We need to get the word out!
Please spread the news via social media outlets.  Tell your children.  Tell your teachers.  Like us on Facebook. Find us on Twitter.

Michelle Lynn Senters

IMPORTANT: Students, NEVER reveal personal information while commenting. NO last names or contact information. I will delete any comments that contain personal information or comments that are inappropriate or off-topic.

9 thoughts on “BECOME A COACH

  1. i think this is great idea, thanks for getting it off the ground, I read the article on drawing the story, which is used in film making. Thanks for following and liking my blog. Blessings Charles.

  2. Hi, what a great idea. I would like to help, if I can. I will happily spread the word about this site. It was a creative magazine that got me writing when I was younger so anything that encourages or feeds ideas is a bonus.

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