First Responder
Thank You, First Responders

Take a moment today to write a letter of thanks the first responders of your community. These unsung heroes deserve our thanks and appreciation. Encourage someone today!

Oh, JOY!

Oh, Joy!

What brings you joy? The Oxford American College Dictionary defines joy as “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness”. Synonyms for joy include: jubilation, triumph, exultation, rejoicing, happiness, glee, exhilaration, exuberance, elation, euphoria, bliss, ecstasy, rapture, enjoyment, felicity, joie de vivre, jouissance, thrill, delight, pleasure, merriment, thrill… What brings YOU joy? Is it the sound of rain […]

Words Worth Keeping

Words Worth Keeping

Under my bed, there is a box which holds some of my most precious treasures… items from my childhood, handmade gifts from my daughters, awards, family antiques, photos… and a stack of letters from those who care about me. Though the letters and envelopes are old and worn, the words of love continue to encourage me today. When […]

Borrowed First Line

Borrowed First Line

By Michelle Lynn Senters Where do good story ideas come from? EVERYWHERE! Writers find ideas for characters and stories from everyday life. Perhaps your sister creates an epic mess in the kitchen. Story idea. Perhaps you see two people having an argument while you are walking at the park. Story idea. Perhaps you see a tiny ant […]

Inspired by History

inspired by history

By Michelle Lynn Senters- As a writer, I seek inspiration from the world around me. Nature. Relationships. Observations. People. Events. The study and appreciation of world leaders, those influential men and women who used their lives for the good of others, is a powerful tool for writers. Today is World Nelson Mandela Day. Nelson Mandela (shown […]

Treasure Hunt

Kids are writers

By Michelle Lynn Senters- We are off to a LATE start today. Every Wednesday morning, I meet with my writer’s critique group. We read our stories to one another and offer honest feedback and suggestions. This group encourages me to continually improve my skills and hone my craft.  I highly encourage each of you to find a […]

Brain Boosting Superpower

kaw summer camp2

By Michelle Lynn Senters- Today, we are going to find our BRAIN BOOSTING SUPER POWER! Now, before you think this is kids stuff, let me assure you that the following activity is great for both kids and adults. What Makes KIDS ARE WRITERS DIFFERENT? Like school and other writing programs, KIDS ARE WRITERS teaches writing […]

You Are a Writer

kaw summer camp1

By Michelle Lynn Senters Welcome to the first annual KIDS ARE WRITER’S Summer Camp! Are you ready to have some fun? You have a few tasks to do today. 1. Daily Check-In: Sign in below in the comment section. Include your first name, age, location (city, state, country), and tell me what you like to write. […]

Write in a New Place

Write in a New Place

By Michelle Lynn Senters- As a full-time writer, I spend many hours a day staring into the computer screen.  My eyes grow weary.  My brain becomes mush and soon, I realize I have nothing to say.  Every writer goes through “writer’s block” (the inability to put words on the page) and every writer has their […]

The Power of Words


By Michelle Lynn Senters- I believe in the power of words. Whether written or spoken, words have the power to teach, inspire, heal, entertain and love.  And when chosen carefully, words have the power to transform the life of the reader. Read the following words and pay attention to how you feel. I believe in […]