Giving Directions: Writing a “How-To” Essay

giving directions

By Jennifer Swanson Directions. We follow them every day. Some of them are things we’ve just learned to do. But other directions need more explanation. How do you ride a skateboard? Or make cupcakes? You read the directions. A How-To” essay is simply an article that tells people how to do something. But are reading […]

Narrative Nonfiction: Telling a Story with Facts


It’s finally happened. You have to write a story based on a nonfiction event or idea. Sound boring? Not so fast. While a nonfiction story MUST use real facts, there is no reason it has to be boring. Narrative nonfiction is one category that makes a big splash in libraries, schools, and even wins a lot of […]

The Nuts and Bolts of Writing a Lab Report


by Jennifer Swanson- You have just finished your first science lab. Hooray!  Hopefully, it was exciting and allowed you to experience science in action. Did you make a solution that changed colors? Did you figure out how much energy is in a peanut? Or maybe you dropped objects off a high place and studied the […]

Coach: Jennifer Swanson

Jennifer Swanson

Jennifer Swanson is an award-winning author of over 20 nonfiction and fiction books for children. Her books in the “How Things Work” series by The Child’s World were named to the 2012 Booklist’s Top 10 Books for Youth: Series Nonfiction. She has received awards from the Pennsylvania TriState Young Adult Review Committee, The Moms Choice Awards, and […]