Three Reasons to Use the Unexpected in Your Writing

3 reasons to use the unexpected

By Kirsti Call- Let’s take a look at stories from our childhood.  An elephant and a pig are best friends.  A dinosaur longs to dance the ballet.  A princess saves the prince from a dragon.   What do these stories have in common?  They are unexpected! Unexpected friendships create interest.  In Mo Willems’s, Elephant and Piggie series, we are […]

Anthropomorphism: Make Objects Come Alive


4 Steps to Making Objects Come Alive in Your Writing! Can socks talk? Do eggplants have feelings? Can steering wheels choose to turn? As writers, we can make anything come alive. When we make objects or animals have human qualities, it’s called anthropomorphism! Here’s how to use anthropomorphism in your story. 1. Choose an object. […]

Top 5 Ways That Reading Improves our Writing

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By Kirsti Call- I’ve always believed in the magical power of books.  Books changes lives.  They change how we see things and how we write. When I discovered the word, bibliotherapy, I was thrilled! There’s a word for what I’ve always known to be true. Books transform people’s lives for the better. 5. Reading makes […]