Borrowed First Line

Borrowed First Line

By Michelle Lynn Senters Where do good story ideas come from? EVERYWHERE! Writers find ideas for characters and stories from everyday life. Perhaps your sister creates an epic mess in the kitchen. Story idea. Perhaps you see two people having an argument while you are walking at the park. Story idea. Perhaps you see a tiny ant […]

Making Headlines

SC15-Making Headlines

By Michelle Lynn Senters Welcome to the 2nd Annual KIDS ARE WRITER’S Summer Camp! Here is what you should know: KIDS ARE WRITERS will post a writing prompt or activity every day (Monday-Friday) throughout the month of July. These activities are designed to educate and inspire you to write with passion and creativity. Take a look at […]

A Love Story

summer camp29

By Michelle Lynn Senters- Writers use “love” as a central theme in many stories because it is a common human experience. Think about ways in which you have seen or experienced love. What have you learned? What is important to you? What does your heart long for? ACTIVITY Explore the photos below. How is love shown in each […]

Laughing with Charlie


By Michelle Lynn Senters- The legendary Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) rose to fame during the silent film era as a comedian, actor, and filmmaker. 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of “Tramp”, a screen character created by Charlie. ACTIVITY Watch the following clip from Charlie’s 1936 film, “Modern Times” and choose one or both of the activities […]

Sources of Inspiration


By Michelle Lynn Senters- This week, we continue to train our brain to think like a writer. Today, you will learn how to transform a life story (true experience from your life or from someone you know) into a fictional story. Think about the stories of your life. Think about the pictures in your photo […]



By Michelle Lynn Senters- Dialogue is simply the conversation between two or more people within a story. Dialogue is used to: move the plot forward reveal the relationship between characters increase tension reveal character show how someone feels Example (a conversation between the penguins pictured above) “Come on! Let’s try it,” whispered Ping. “But, it’s against […]

Missing Cookies

Kids are writers-2

By Michelle Lynn Senters- ACTIVITY Watch the following KIDS ARE WRITERS “movie trailer” and write a mystery. Title: The Missing Cookies Characters: Detective Boy, Little Sister, Baby Sister, Mom, Dad, Dog Setting: Home Plot: Someone is stealing all the cookies from the cookie jar. Who could it be? Detective Boy is on the case. CHECK-IN In […]

Make Me Laugh


By Michelle Lynn Senters- ACTIVITY We have a fun and easy prompt today. Choose from one of the silly photos below and write a paragraph designed to MAKE ME LAUGH! It’s time to find your funny. SIGN-IN In the comment section below, write your first name, age, and your funny paragraph. (Please, no potty humor or […]

Dragon Stories


By Norma Atwood- For your next writing adventure, I’ve drawn several dragons to inspire you. Click the image to print.       ACTIVITY Choose one of the dragons to write about. Develop their character. Choose a name. If you want to print a copy of your dragon, click the picture and print. Decide on the […]

Inspired by History

inspired by history

By Michelle Lynn Senters- As a writer, I seek inspiration from the world around me. Nature. Relationships. Observations. People. Events. The study and appreciation of world leaders, those influential men and women who used their lives for the good of others, is a powerful tool for writers. Today is World Nelson Mandela Day. Nelson Mandela (shown […]

Superhero Comic Strip

Kids are writers-2

By Michelle Lynn Senters- Yesterday, you created a new superhero. Click here to review prompt. You thought about the following details: Who- Is your superhero a boy, girl, man, woman, alien, or animal? What is their name? Costume- What does your superhero wear? What are their signature colors? Superpowers- What is your character’s superpower or special ability? […]