Vacation for Santa


 WRITE A STORY FOR CHILDREN Children loves stories in which a familiar character does something unusual. Today, you will write a children’s story about Santa’s vacation. Just consider the possibilities! STORY BASICS Title: (Choose your own title) Audience: children, ages 4-8 Character(s): Santa Claus (Mrs. Claus, elves, reindeer, etc.) Problem: Santa Claus is tired of […]

Family Stories

Kids are writers

 Family Stories I sat close to my Grandmother as she embroidered a bird on a fabric napkin. “Watch how I use a knot to make the bird’s eye,” she said. I studied her fingers as she pushed the needle through the material, lifting and turning and pushing again until an eye appeared on the bird. I looked at my grandmother […]

The Writer’s Notebook


By Michelle Lynn Senters- Do you like to collect things? Some people collect rocks, seashells, or various items from nature. Others collect coins, stamps, or figurines. Toys, junk, books, dolls, ball point pens, and antiques. Collections come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the typical (rocks) to the absurd (wads of chewed bubblegum, yuck). A […]

Fables- Aesop Style


By Michelle Lynn Senters- Today, we are writing a fable in the style of Aesop. A fable is short story that conveys a moral, a lesson in proper conduct. Most fables use personified animals (animals that speak and act like humans) as their main characters, but humans and inanimate objects are also used. Aesop was a Greek […]

Treasure Hunt

Kids are writers

By Michelle Lynn Senters- We are off to a LATE start today. Every Wednesday morning, I meet with my writer’s critique group. We read our stories to one another and offer honest feedback and suggestions. This group encourages me to continually improve my skills and hone my craft.  I highly encourage each of you to find a […]

Internal Dialogue- Exposing the Thoughts of Your Character

summer camp7

By Michelle Lynn Senters- Today, we are talking about internal dialogue- the thoughts and conversations inside the mind of a character. When I saw the following video, I immediately thought of internal dialogue. The video was made by flying a drone and camera INSIDE a fireworks display. Watch the video and see if you can make […]

Writer’s Rest


By Michelle Lynn Senters- Our title, “Writers Rest” is a an example of a perfect “subject-verb agreement”. Our plural subject (WRITERS) agrees with the plural verb (REST). RULE OF GRAMMAR: A singular subject requires a singular verb. Example: The boy reads. A plural subject requires a plural verb. Example: The boys read. Yes, “Writers Rest” is an example […]

Character Study


By Michelle Lynn Senters KIDS ARE WRITERS is going vintage today. As a writer, I use old photographs to study character. I choose a photo and study the setting, clothing and expression on their face. I imagine their life, what they want, and how they feel. This study often leads to new story ideas. Activity […]

Invent a Holiday

kaw summer camp day 4

By Michelle Lynn Senters- For those of you who live in the United States, Happy 4th of July! This is the day we celebrate our independence with fireworks, picnics, music, and family time. Have you ever wanted to CREATE your own holiday? As a child, I invented the “Michelle Gets Everything She Wants Day” and […]

Unexpected Friends

kaw summer camp3

By Michelle Lynn Senters Today, we have a fun writing prompt and an opportunity to publish  your story on KIDS ARE WRITERS. FRIENDSHIPS Some friendships come easy. We laugh alike. We sound alike. We look alike. We eat the same foods, speak the same language, and laugh at the same jokes. While these friendships are […]

Brain Boosting Superpower

kaw summer camp2

By Michelle Lynn Senters- Today, we are going to find our BRAIN BOOSTING SUPER POWER! Now, before you think this is kids stuff, let me assure you that the following activity is great for both kids and adults. What Makes KIDS ARE WRITERS DIFFERENT? Like school and other writing programs, KIDS ARE WRITERS teaches writing […]