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Brian Reynolds 2Brian Reynolds is an author living in Kansas with his wife, their two dogs who think the family is a pack, their two ferrets who have an eternal but clumsy vendetta against feet, and their giant rat who is content quietly judging all of them for their ridiculous behavior. He wishes to spend the rest of his life writing and telling stories, showing others the way he was shown, demonstrating just how awesome words and writing truly are.

Brian enjoyed pursuing his creative passions, from drawing to building to writing, at a very young age. He was lucky enough to have parents and teachers who supported his growth and encouraged his development. He fell in love with the written word especially in middle school, when he learned just how powerful words could be.

Brian Reynolds 4Brian finds fascinating the way words can do so much with seemingly so little. Other animals communicate, but the subtle grace and nuance of language is almost singularly gifted upon humans. He was as a boy and is still now blown away by how powerful they can be. Words are tools, weapons, foundations, barriers, salves, potions, keys, locks. They vindicate and justify, they elucidate and clarify. They enlighten and extrapolate, they enliven and they motivate.

Because words can be anything, Brian believes that they are, in a way, everything.

Some facts about Brian:

-His first book, The Six Year War, details the life of child soldiers across the globe. You can learn more at his website,

-He loves coffee so much that when he’s not writing he actually works at a local coffee shop.

-He loves animals and routinely falls in love with every new animal he meets. Trips to the zoo are emotional affairs.

-He enjoys playing videogames, watching movies, and reading comic books in addition to reading and writing, even though he’s been an adult for some time now. Minecraft is a personal favorite.Brain Reynolds 1

-He and his wife love to travel. They plan trips by alternating cardinal directions each time.

-He injects himself into every story or piece of media he can, preferring to get lost in fictional worlds almost as much, and maybe a little bit more, than the real one. He writes fanfiction to practice writing. He’s a Sunagakure shinobi, a Blue Lantern, an airbender (his wife’s an earthbender), a Digimon Tamer, a Gryffindor, a monk, a Shadow Charmer, a son of Hermes, and a dragon rider. Today. Tomorrow, who knows?

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