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Carrie Charley Brown- coach

Carrie Charley Brown- coachEverything starts with a story and Carrie’s began with her extreme passion for storytelling, dramatics, and anything creative as a child and teen. She wrote and illustrated her first picture book manuscript as an assignment for her children’s literature class in college, making it a goal to publish one day.   After nine years of teaching elementary students and several years as a full-time mom of three children, Carrie opened a new chapter of her life as a writer in 2012.  Since then, she has been reading her way through a mountain of picture books and writing them herself.

Carrie enjoys learning more about what good writers do by taking online classes from Jill Corcoran, Joyce Sweeney, The Children’s Book Academy, and Katie Davis.  She is an active member of the North Texas Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.   She enjoys motivating other writers, teachers, and children with writing prompts, Mystery Author interviews, and book clubs on her blog: Carrie On. (

Carrie stays motivated to exceed writing goals by participating in numerous writing challenges such as Julie Hedlund’s 12 x 12 Picture Book Challenge and Picture Book Idea Month.

Her advice for writers of all ages:
Surround yourself with other positive writers who have the same level of commitment as yourself.  Then, always remember that little steps, over time, add up in a big way.

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