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NormaFirst and foremost, I’m a wife, mother and grandmother. I’ve spent my life raising children, working full-time, and enjoying the life my husband and I created. In between the hectic moments, I found time to draw and write. Even when my job as Human Resources Director for a hospital monopolized my day, I wrote a young adult novel and drew hundreds of pictures.

I draw and write because I have to and I can’t imagine my life without paper and ink. When my grandchildren come to visit, what do we do? We draw. Paper, pens, and watercolors are strewn all over the table and I give them pictures and cartoons that I’ve drawn for them to color. I even made them a coloring book for Christmas.

Now that I’m retired, I have time to do the things I want to do. Sometimes I’ll just surf the net, reading and getting ideas. I collect the things I love and I spend time on the phone with my children every day.

ChevyI have a white terrier named Chevy and although he might disagree, he is not the model for the wolf sketch below. He has the perfect name because my husband works for a Ford dealership. That was his name when we bought him and it was too ironic to change. Chevy spends his day as close to me as he can get and sometimes I think he is my writing partner.

I hope to publish my first young adult novel soon. I’m presently going through the process of publisher rejections and realize that it is all part of the process. I’m not taking it personally because I know I’ve written a best seller. Getting published isn’t the reason I write. Selling my pictures isn’t the reason I draw. I write and draw because I have to and I love it.

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