Coach: Sophia Mallonée

Sophia MalloneeSophia Mallonée (pronounced mal-o-nay) is a former artist’s agent, mother to a daughter (and two crazy dogs), wife to a photographer, music lover, obsessive reader and lifelong writer. She grew up playing in the freshwater springs and forests of northern Florida, where she now resides once more after traveling and living throughout the country.

Though Sophia writes in a variety of genres, she focuses primarily on children’s pictures books and young adult fiction. In the past, Sophia has also written and edited professionally for television. When not procrastinating on social media, you can often find Sophia in her local library, the gym, her “cave” (aka her office), with her nose in a book, or chasing after said daughter, dogs or any combination of the two. For more, you can visit Sophia online at

Six fun facts about Sophia:

-Sophia once ate so many marshmallows that she was sick for an entire night. She can no longer look at a marshmallow without feeling ill. It makes Easter a little complicated.

-Her favorite color is red.

-When she was seven, Sophia and her family lived in Australia for a year. While there, she got to hold a Giant Gippsland earthworm – it was over three feet long!

-Sophia learned how to ride a horse when she was five years old. Her favorite horse was named Spunky.

-One of Sophia’s dreams is to attend San Diego Comic-Con.

-Sophia started writing stories when she was eight, but she was too embarrassed then to show them to anyone. It took her many years to realize that crafting stories is something that you learn and have to practice. Sophia was an adult before she finally began to share her stories. She’s glad she found her courage and hopes to help you find yours too.

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