Dragon Stories



By Norma Atwood-

For your next writing adventure, I’ve drawn several dragons to inspire you. Click the image to print.









  • Choose one of the dragons to write about. Develop their character. Choose a name. If you want to print a copy of your dragon, click the picture and print.
  • Decide on the setting and time frame of the story: modern-day or medieval times.
  • Choose additional characters for the story.
  • Determine WHO is telling the story: the dragon, a dragon master (owner), or a dragon slayer (enemy).
  • Develop the plot line. Your story should have a clear beginning, middle, and end.
  • Determine the conflict and resolution of the story.
  • WRITE your story!


Norma Atwood is a wife, mother, artist, and writer. It is rare to see her without a pen in her hand. Her terrier, Chevy, is a constant companion. Learn more about Norma HERE.

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3 thoughts on “Dragon Stories

    • You are right, Cailyn! They ARE wyverns. Dragons have four legs and wyverns have two. Good eyes. You must be a dragon/wyvern expert. If you prefer a dragon, feel free to add legs or draw your own creature. What is your favorite kind of dragon?

      • PS. I saw your website, Cailyn. I am very impressed with your breadth and quality of writing. You have been writing a very long time. Keep it up. You are off to an amazing life as a writer.

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