The Power of Words


By Michelle Lynn Senters-

I believe in the power of words.
Whether written or spoken, words have the power to teach, inspire, heal, entertain and love.  And when chosen carefully, words have the power to transform the life of the reader.

Read the following words and pay attention to how you feel.

I believe in you.

What was your response?
Did you feel warmth in your chest?
Did you take a deep breath and let it out slowly?
Did a lump form in your throat because it was something you needed to hear?

Words are powerful.
That is why I am here.  That is why I built this program.
I desire to use my words to support, encourage, teach and inspire YOU as a young writer.
And perhaps someday, you will use your words to support, encourage, teach, inspire, and entertain others.

So listen carefully to my words.

I believe in your ability as a writer.
I believe you have something important to say.
Your words and stories are valuable.
You are a writer.

Now it is time to write.  Grab a notebook and a pencil.

Exercise #1
Write the following sentence starter on the first page of your notebook. Then, continue to write. There are no rules.  No one will correct your work.  Just write.

I am a writer…

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Michelle Lynn Senters is the Founder and Director of KIDS ARE WRITERS. She spends her days working as a Reading Interventionist and spends her evenings writing books for children and adults. You can learn more about Michelle HERE and at

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