Kid Coach: Felicia the Neighbor Girl

NeighborGirlPictureFelicia (aka: Stanley & Katrina’s Neighbor Girl) is a ten-year-old sixth grader, and hamster owner. She loves writing, reading, acting, singing, reading, gymnastics, doodling, reading, ice skating, painting, reading, doing computer stuff, oh… did we mention reading?

Her first book is The Perpetual Papers of the Pack of Pets, and she is currently in the process of editing her second book in the Stanley & Katrina series.

A member of the Davidson Young Scholars Program, Felicia’s latest creative project is organizing the D.I.R.T. Kids – a small group of performing kids who want to raise money for charities.

Felicia is excited to share her writing experiences here at Kids are Writers. You may visit Felicia’s characters online at or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google+.

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