Hooks, Lines, and Thinkers


By Erik, the Great- Did my title get you to click and open this article? Did it hook you? I hope it did. ; ) To me the most important part of the story is the HOOK. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a hook, in writing, as “a device that catches the attention; a selling point or marketing scheme” I know that when I am interested in a book from the back cover description, I’ll flip it open and read the first page. Many times, that’s when I decide to get the book or not. I want something there that makes me want to read more. Without a good hook, you may lose the reader within the first page (or even the first paragraph).

Great opening lines can be a hook. For example;

  • Good opening line: “I didn’t expect it to blow up.” (aren’t you curious as to what blew up?)
  • Not so good opening line: “Bob lived in a red house next door to Susan who lived in a green house with her mom and dad.” (Boring! Too many details and who really cares who Bob lives near – unless Susan actually lives in a greenhouse not a green house – but that’s not the point…)

Think about books you have read with great opening lines. Ones that made you want to read more.

What are your favorite opening lines?

Good hooks can be a title too. Titles catch can catch a reader’s eye and can get a reader to pick it up. For example;

What are titles that made you pick a book up?

I know you aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover, or in this case hook, and if I did this with every book, I’d be missing out on a lot. There have been some books that I’ve read that started out very slow and then turned out to be some of my all-time favorites (the Beyonder’s series by Brandon Mull). But, when I have a lot of books to choose from, a good hook will get me interested enough to ask my parents to get it for me. Now it’s your turn – write an opening line that makes me want to read your book! 😀 Share your favorite opening lines or book titles in the comment section OR you can make up your own! Erik2

Erik, the Great is a twelve-year-old sixth grader who loves to read. He started his blog, This Kid Reviews Books when he was nine. Erik writes a monthly book review column for the Upper Bucks Free Press. He recently self-published his first book titled “The Adventures of Tomato and Pea: A Bad Idea.” Learn more about Erik HERE.

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