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Today, I had the privilege of meeting a fantastic group of 4th graders in San Pedro Sula, Honduras through Skype.  The students at Escuela Bilingue Santa Maria Del Valle were eager to learn about our topic: YOUR STORY IS IMPORTANT: Generating Ideas for Personal Narratives and asked thoughtful questions about the process of writing.  I am looking forward to reading their work soon and posting a couple stories on KIDS ARE WRITERS.

But no Skyping session is complete without a little fun!  My new Honduran friends were VERY excited to see snow.  I brought a tub of snow in the house and taught them how to make a snowman.  One student asked me, “Does snow taste delicious?”  Laughter filled the classroom when I took a big bite.  I hope they weren’t too disappointed when I told them it tasted like water.  As the snowmen melted throughout the day, I sent pictures.  Perhaps our snowman will inspire a fiction story or a character study?

So, a big thank you to my new friends in Honduras!  YOUR STORIES ARE IMPORTANT.  Write them down.  Share your stories with your friends and family.  Who knows?  Perhaps someday, your stories will go around the world.

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8 thoughts on “KIDS ARE WRITERS Goes to Honduras

  1. Thank you Michelle for the visit to our fourth grade classroom in San Pedro Sula, Honduras today! We knew it would be a wonderful time, but you just made my kids blow away with the whole experience.That spontaneous surprise of having some snow for them to experienced thru the lens, was just awesome! You just made my kids be into the narrative session, during the full hour. After the interview they couldn’t stop talking about the beautiful time and the contest you created for them! My fourth graders deeply believe they are all famous, an that is just because of you.I highly recommend your beautiful blog Kids are Writers!(, and I believe as a teacher ,that taking the time to promote young writers is just what we need to have new authors in this time.Looking forward to send you my fourth grade students narratives. Wishing you the best always! – Joanna Mojica

  2. Thank you for the beautiful words, Joanna! I had to laugh because the character the blog automatically chose for your comment looks mad. Nothing could be further from your sweet personality. Thank you for sharing your students with me today! I had a fantastic time.

  3. Congratulations, Michelle! It certainly sounds as if your Skype lesson was a success. Bringing snow to the students in Honduras was a stroke of genius. I can’t wait to read some of the stories they write. :)

  4. Your snowman is very cute! 😀 Isn’t SKYPE AWESOME!?!? I am going to be talking to Ms. Mojica’s class on Monday about the book I wrote. :) It is awesome that Kids Are Writers is going all over the world! 😀

  5. Hello Ms. Michel i am one of the fourth grade that had the interview with you
    Than you for the class

  6. Joanna! What can I do to ensure students have access that is consistent?. I preferred it to using webinar software because I could be live on screen between the demos. Thank you for the beautiful words

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