Kimba and Sasha

kimba and sashaKIMBA AND SASHA
by Bella, age13
Ocilla Georgia, USA

Kimba was a white lion who had no friends. He was mean, rude, selfish, and untrustworthy. Nobody liked Kimba, they all stayed well away from Kimba. Kimba didn’t realize that he had no friends, he was a young lion who often got into trouble. During a hot summer day on the savanna humans came looking for the legendary white lion.

When Kimba heard of the humans he scoffed at their stupidity, “How can humans possibly catch me?”
“Be warned young Kimba,” said Taylor the banshee, “your father was killed by humans.”
“Don’t worry Taylor, no one can catch me!” Kimba boasted.

Later that day Kimba was walking near the human’s camp when a rope slid around his neck and paws, causing him to fall on the ground where he couldn’t get up. Kimba roared for the friends on the savanna, but no one came. Kimba began to cry, he never thought that he would meet the same fate as his father.

“Could you keep it down? Some animals like to sleep around here!” said a voice in the shadows.
“Who are you? Show yourself!” Kimba demanded.

A small orange cat stalked out of the grass and sat next to Kimba, “I am Sasha, I am a kitten!”
Kimba stared at Sasha in disbelief, “You are nothing but a furball, how can you help me?”
“Help? I never said I would help you. My owner wants your skin.” Sasha said.
“No please! Let me go Sasha, I will give you anything.” Kimba pleaded.
“Um, no. I can’t do that, sorry.” Sasha said.

Two humans ran into the small clearing and saw Kimba laying on the ground helpless. They laughed and drug him away into a cage. Kimba wondered why no one came to help him, then he remembered that he had pretended to be caught several times. Kimba’s mother always told him to be kind and trusting, but he had been the exact opposite.

“Sasha! Sasha!” Kimba called.
“Yes?” asked the tiny kitten.
“Please get me out of here! I will scare off the humans, I can see that you dislike them.” Kimba offered.
“I suppose I could, be right back!” She left with a small wave of her tail and soon returned with a human thing that jingled.
“What is that?”
“I am being trained to open doors and cages when the humans ask it, ridiculous, anyway I will let you out.” Sasha meowed.
“Good! I promise that you can come live with me on the savanna! We will be the best of friends if you let me out.” Kimba said.
“But we are nothing alike! How can we be friends?” Sasha asked as she opened the cage.

Kimba grabbed the cat’s scruff and raced onto the savanna, far away from the humans, “It doesn’t matter what’s on the outside, it’s what is on the inside Sasha!”
From that day forward every time humans came to the savanna, Sasha and Kimba scared them away. They became friends and have nice friends, too.

kaw summer camp3Bella was inspired to write this short story using the “Unexpected Friends” writing prompt. Click here to view the prompt.

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10 thoughts on “Kimba and Sasha

  1. Great work, Bella! Your main character, Kimba, has a great character arc- meaning, he grows and changes throughout the story. That can be difficult in a short story, but you nailed it! And you are right, the “inside” matters most.