DroolThere was an old dog named Drool,
Who thought he was cooler than cool.
He put on his shades,
and strolled through the glades.
He looked like a silly old fool!
-Michelle (Director)

There was a young man in New York.
He had a very strong addiction to pork
Until one day when a cow came to say;
” Go eat some country fried stork.”
-Ryan, age 9

There once was a cat,
he sat on a blue hat.
He saw a mouse
that had a louse,
but he chased it away with a bat.
-Bella, age 13

I once knew a man who could fly
I told him I wanted to try
So I climbed up a wall
Then took a great fall
Turns out I cannot fly


Oh what to write a limerick about
Ideas I wish I could spout
Yet here I sit
Unwilling to quit
Until in my work there’s no doubt
-both by Emily, age 13

There was once a young maid with the flu
And she just didn’t know what to do
So she asked her grandmother
Who consulted her brother
Who made her a bowl full of stew
-Kaylie, age 13

There once was a lady with bleach
She got it from a young leach
The leach went ” Oh yuck”
Then Complained to a duck
” I don’t like that lady with bleach

There once was a melancholy scarab
who fell in love with a cheery pink cherub.
She felt all was lost
and cried in the moss
when she found a glob of delicious old carob.

There was a small cat
he was really fat.
His name was Franz
his brother is Hanz.
They were real chatty cats.
-Zsa Zsa

There once was a boy from gath
he didn’t like taking a bath
he didn’t like rules
but he was really cool
was the dirty boy from Gath.

Porcupine and Kitty – love that never could be.
They have NOTHING in similarity.
Except that they are mammals,
and they climb trees without falls.
I guess they ARE alike, you see!
-Erik, age 13

There was a cat
who sat on a mat
and picked up a bat
and swings it at the mat!
-Jordan, age 10


The authors were inspired to write using the “Limericks for Kids” writing prompt. Click here to view the prompt.

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2 thoughts on “Limericks

  1. There once was a guy named Dad
    He was feeling really mad
    Because of Dobby
    Who had broken the Wii
    There once was a guy named Dad
    By Chloe age 9 and a half
    I came up with this limerick a few weeks ago when my cat Dobby accidentally broke our Wii by sitting on it. Dad fixed it but he was mad.