Linda the Elephant

no elephants


by Corinne, age 15
Boise, Idaho, USA

My name is Bobby, and I have a pet elephant. She’s only about the size of a cat, and has a genuine Indian blanket with golden embroidery on her back. Her name is Linda. I think that Linda is a good elephant name, and Linda is a very good elephant. I have a little piece of string that I use as a leash, so she won’t run away.

I always feed Linda my dinner leftovers. I sneak them under the table to her whenever I am too full. Then she does tricks and makes little elephant noises, thanking me for the food. Linda also makes me smile, even when I don’t want to. Mommy says that makes Linda special.

Mommy takes me to the candy store every day on the way to First Grade, and she lets me buy a candy with five whole cents. The candyman’s name is Paul. Paul is big and happy, and he likes Linda. I know because he always smiles at her, and he always gives me an extra piece of candy for her. Linda likes candy almost as much as I do.

Mrs. Hawthorne is my First Grade teacher. She doesn’t like Linda, and says that an elephant distracts the class too much. One day, she put a sign on the classroom door that stated ‘STRICTLY NO ELEPHANTS’. I snuck Linda in underneath my shirt. I would have left her with Mommy, but Linda will only be happy with me. Mrs. Hawthorne took me to see Principal Jones. Principal Jones is very nice, if you don’t get into too much trouble. He smiled at me.

“Bobby, will you tell me why Mrs. Hawthorne took you in here today?” Principal Jones asked. I nodded quickly.

“Mrs. Hawthorne doesn’t like Linda.” Principal Jones looked at me with a puzzled expression.

“Who is Linda? Are you bringing someone to school?” He asked. I shook my head and set Linda on the table.

“This is Linda. She is my pet elephant.” I said, patting her back. The Principal smiled at Linda, and handed me a bag of peanuts.

“Here you go, Bobby. When we get back to class you and your classmates can feed them to Linda.” I gave a big grin.

“So I can keep her in school?” I asked excitedly. Principal Jones nodded, and took me back to the First Grade classroom. He took the sign down, and began to talk to Mrs. Hawthorne.

“There are no rules against elephants coming to school, Mrs. Hawthorne. As long as Bobby is here, Linda is welcome to come as well.” I overheard, feeding Linda a peanut. Linda made a trumpet sound, happy.

Now Mrs. Hawthorne likes Linda, and is teaching us about Africa. We have one day a week where everyone brings their African animals. Linda always feels right at home.

ss5Corinne was inspired to write this story using the “Character Study” writing prompt. Click here to view this prompt.

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6 thoughts on “Linda the Elephant

  1. I love the warm tone this story brings. Every child needs someone who understands their needs, and Principal Jones does that for Bobby. Keep writing! You are doing great!

  2. Hi Corrine, Linda and Bobbie have a very special friendship. I love stories about friends. I love elephants, and this was a lot of fun to read. Great job!

  3. So pleased that you are e-published. Your cousin, Emily, loved elephants when she was little- I’ll be sure to share this story with her and with the other children in the daycare. Keep writing.

  4. Corinne- What a fantastic story! It makes me think of childhood days of sneaking toys into school. As a teacher, students constantly brought toys to school and I had to deal with it as effectively as I could. One day, a boy in my class brought something quite surprising. The principal walked by my classroom and heard a “meow” coming from the coat rack. One of my students brought a REAL CAT to school! When he was questioned about it, he simply said, “But I left it unzipped so he could breathe!” That was quite a day. Great stories cause readers to make connections with their own life. Your story caused me to remember a funny, true story from my life. Thanks for the fun story and the fun memory!

  5. A story about a pet elephant the size of a cat – what a creative concept! It’s so important to allow your imagination to run free, and you certainly did that here. Great job!