Making Headlines

SC15-Making Headlines

By Michelle Lynn Senters

Welcome to the 2nd Annual KIDS ARE WRITER’S Summer Camp!
Here is what you should know:

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Writing Prompt of the Day

1. PREPARATION: First, gather the writing materials you will need for camp: notebooks, pens, pencils, art materials, etc. For more ideas, read “The Writer’s Briefcase” article by Carrie Charley Brown. You can find her article by clicking the link here.

2. WRITING PROMPT: Let’s have a little fun on the first day. Pretend you are a reporter for a newspaper. Look at the following photograph and determine what is going on. Write a “factual” and funny newspaper article that describes the event. Be sure to include a title that will draw in your readers.

3. CHECK-IN: In the comment section below, share your first name, age, state, and country. Please share the title and newspaper article you wrote about the photo.


headshot smallMichelle Lynn Senters is the Founder and Director of KIDS ARE WRITERS. She spends her days working as a teacher and spends her evenings writing books for children and adults. You can learn more about Michelle HERE and at

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13 thoughts on “Making Headlines

  1. I am Max. I am 9 and I am from Virginia, USA.
    On July 36th, 1 B.C. Jorge Lopez was walking down 5th Avenue when a camel, an elephant and a giraffe caught his eye.
    “I fainted,” he told us.
    Then, animal control (which was just Adam and Eve) showed up. They chucked apples at the animals until they ran away.

  2. My name is Dexter. I am 8 years old. I live in Virginia, USA.
    New York’s beloved animals love their fans. But a few were happy to resist. They escaped the zoo. An elephant, a giraffe and a camel. This happened on December 5, 2020. Our president, Twilight Sparkle will be at least 14 on that day. So, the zoo will be closed down. Who will escape next? Stay tuned for the next issue of: DA NEWS. Stay awesome!

  3. Hi guys. My name is Naomi and I’m 13. I’m from South Carolina, USA. Enjoy my little(or not so little) story.
    July 2, 2015
    New York City, New York- 5th Avenue in New York City is usually bustling with shoppers of all nationalities, religions, and ages, but never before has it seen animals. Never before, that is, until yesterday. It was midday when one shopper, Thockmack Gerfulperstien, a young woman visiting the Big Apple from Asia, saw a camel walking across an intersection.
    “As I pointed it out to the woman next to me,” Thockmack told the Naomi News, “An elephant and giraffe came meandering down the street after the camel. I was so surprised that I dropped all my bags of expensive products from the Manhattan Mall!”
    By this time, Thockmack didn’t need to point the animals out to anyone else, for everyone had already seen and was staring at the beasts. A middle aged taxi driver named Robert Bush thought to call the zoo, which he assumed the animals had escaped from.
    “The zoo staff actually laughed when I said three of their animals were walking down 5th Avenue. They laughed, that is, until I sent them a picture from my IPhone 6. I’m glad I had it with me. After that, they said they would send someone down.”
    Robert called out to everyone around him that the zoo was coming and to make a human shield to prevent the animals from going any farther, which everyone did. Withing ten minutes, the zoo staff arrived and the escaped animals were taken back to their homes.
    However, the camel started to fight the staff until someone handed it a beautiful necklace. I suppose it just wanted something pretty to wear.
    So, next time you go shopping, remember that animals love to shop too.

    • Hello, Naomi. I’m glad you joined us. I believe you participated last year. Correct? Your article was fun to read. I particularly enjoyed your name choice of Thockmack Gerfulperstien (a peculiar an for an Asian) and quotes. You might be a future reporter!

      • Hello, Miss Senters. I actually didn’t participate last year, but I plan to take part in this for years to come. Thank you. Those compliments mean a lot coming from a published writer(something I hope to be one day!) I got the name Thockmack Gerfulperstien when my cat ran across the keyboard!Who knows, one day I might be a reporter!
        Have a great day!

  4. My name is Annabella, I am a fourteen-year-od from Georgia, USA.
    July 12th, 2015. I was walking long the street after a rather boring morning, being a reporter was hard in Tifton Georgia where nothing ever really happened. Suddenly a woman came screaming down the street, knocking me over. She paused and stared at me for a moment before helping me up.
    “Aren’t you that new reporter for Fox 10 news? Ami Watkins?” she asked and when I nodded continued her frantic story, “You have to go to the cross road near Wal-Mart. The Fair they brought lost all it’s animals and now they are walking though the streets destroying everything. An elephant stomped on my car!”
    I nodded and ran toward the scene, calling my camera man, Jonathan and telling him to hurry. Soon I was standing next to Jonathan and he murmured “Holy Cow! Really, elephant females are called cows.” just as a female elephant walked in front of us.
    I laughed, “Get your camera rolling!”
    Once we were done filming a few animals still lingered and a person ran toward me and slammed into Jonathan, “Geez woman! Clam down, its just a crocodile!”
    “Yes a man-eating crocs!” the woman gasped.
    A little one foot baby crocodile crawled I front of Jonathan, “Aw, this thing?” e picked it up and we laughed. This would make one of the best reports of the week!

  5. My name is Jennifer, I am a twelve year-old girl from Georgia, USA.
    Breaking News in Atlanta Georgia
    Three of the Atlanta Zoo animals broke out of the zoo this morning and are walking the streets of Atlanta. The police and zookeepers are trying to catch the animals right this minute. Hopefully they will catch the animals and put them back in the zoo.

    • Jennifer, welcome back! I am glad to see your writing again. Your report reminds me of the “We interrupt your regular programming to report…” kind of messages we use to get on tv. Short and to the point, just enough to warn people to stay away from the streets of Atlanta.

  6. News in the morning 7/4/15

    Creatures cause chaos!!

    One beautiful day some early morning drivers get a surprise.“We were stopped at a red light wondering who was going to cross. We started hearing some thumps and next thing you know a camel, elephant, and giraffe were right in front of our eyes” Julius Manjano, one of the drivers, said. What a noisy catastrophe that was between the honks of the cars and the trumpets of the elephant. Chief Noah says “a burglar snuck into the zoo late at night and released some of the animals. We still don’t know who did this or which animals he/she released. The zoo has been closed; we don’t want any lions to get the wrong lunch. 5th Avenue, the place where the zoo crossed the street, has also been closed down.” Also, last week some rare species were stolen from the aquarium. Any information please call 4536-78675-22416.

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