Founder and Director: Michelle Lynn Senters

headshot smallHi!  I’m Michelle Lynn Senters.  Let’s get the technical stuff out-of-the-way, shall we?


  • I earned a BA in Elementary Education from the University of Wyoming in 1995.
  • I earned a M.Ed in Integrated Teaching Through the Arts through Lesley University in 2008.
  • I currently work as a Reading Interventionist and have over 14 years experience as an elementary teacher.
  • I live in Colorado Springs with my husband and two daughters.

kce_3210tFUN STUFF

  • I love (really LOVE) writing.  I can’t stop thinking about my characters and their stories.
  • I write children’s books and have a blog at  I also published a play and an article.  When I publish my first book, you will be one of the first to know!
  • I also love to read and prefer children’s picture books over adult books.  The best children’s books speak to adults as much as kids.  My favorite book is “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” by William Joyce.  Read it.  You will understand why I love it.
  • I am terrible at sports, truly terrible.  I am much more of a paper and pen kind of girl.
  • I adore flying in hot air balloons but will never, ever jump out of a perfectly good airplane to parachute down to the ground.
  • I have one dog and one cat.  The cat is the boss of the dog.
  • I love to sing and act on stage.
  • I wrote my first children’s story in high school.  A father frog was teaching his son how to catch flies.  The son decides to show off for a girl frog and falls in the water.   A little fish, whose father was teaching him how to catch frogs, ATE the little frog as it sunk to the bottom.  I didn’t realize that children do not want to read stories in which the main character dies.  (It was truly terrible.  Good thing I didn’t give up writing.)
  • In high school, I received an A+ in an honors English class when I wrote six papers about why I didn’t read books by my assigned author, William Faulkner.  The teacher valued my creativity.  My college teacher did not appreciate my creativity when I pulled the same stunt in college.  F.
  • Luckily, my mother saved my writing from when I was a child.  In one story, a king tried to kill Santa Claus with a knife.  Santa tickled the king until he promised to be a good king.  (Again, what was I thinking?)
  • I still write about Santa Claus.  I know him personally (the real Santa) and I am not even joking.

Now, I look forward to getting to know YOU.
Feel free to contact me and comment on the articles.
We are going to have a great time writing together.

Happy writing,

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12 thoughts on “Founder and Director: Michelle Lynn Senters

  1. Beautiful page! Wonderfully entertaining! I do like to read myself, but never seem to find the time lately. I do agree kids books speak to the adult too, and that is a great opportunity! Please let me know when you publish a book so I get one!! Awesome page!

    • Thank you for the support and encouragement, Ranae! I laughed at your icon comment! Haha. Those are self-generating icons. I chose icons to keep kids safe while posting. PS… there are no rules about adults not joining us. I am doing all the activities to grow in my writing. Join us!

  2. That’s really cool so I know I love, love, love!!! writing. So every day I would write letters to Santa near Christmas. Also, my favorite subject in school is writing….and my favorite holiday is Christmas.
    So, I ask if you could respond to this comment and tell me more about of how you know
    Santa personally… because I actually would love to hear more about that thx!!

    -Madeline 9 years old

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