No Biting: A Fox and Bunny Friendship

by Lizzie, age 9
Maryland, USA

You may think the food chain can never be changed. This is a very reasonable thing to think. In fact, I used to think the same thing! But that was before Chloe and Daisy, the very unusual fox and bunny.

Daisy, a bunny, was relaxing in a field. Chloe, a fox, was searching for a meal in that same field. Chloe had good ears. She could hear something BIG approaching from the north. She started to run south. As the object got closer, Daisy heard it, too, but she couldn’t tell which direction it was coming from. She chose to hop north, hoping the object was coming in from the south.

Not long after, Chloe spotted Daisy. “Yummy bunny,” she thought, “I didn’t get to eat yet!” But Chloe knew better than to eat a poor bunny that was hopping toward a huge object! “I can eat the bunny once we’re safe,” Chloe thought.

Meanwhile, Daisy realized she went the wrong way. “Can I have a ride?” Daisy asked right as Chloe asked, “Want a ride?” Daisy hopped on Chloe’s back, and they were off!

They got into Chloe’s house, and just in time! A big, loud truck came rolling past Chloe’s burrow. Chloe didn’t want to eat the bunny anymore, she had an odd feeling she had never felt before.

“Let’s be friends!” Chloe and Daisy said, and at the same time. “Looks like we were meant to be friends,” said Daisy, “and how can I return the favor? You saved my life!”

Chloe answered, “You don’t have to. This is what friends are for.”

And Chloe was right. Friends are always there for each other.

kaw summer camp3Lizzie was inspired to write this short story using the “Unexpected Friends” writing prompt. Click here to view the prompt.

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5 thoughts on “No Biting: A Fox and Bunny Friendship

  1. I absolutely loved this story! Thank you so much for writing this Lizzie! You have a good imagination for a nine year old! Keep writing, I can’t wait to listen to your other stories.

  2. Great work, Lizzie. Your plot is well thought out and you have a great use of dialogue in your story. I’d like to hear more stories about this fox and bunny. I can imagine them getting into all sorts of trouble. Have you read the Beatrix Potter series?