Old God, Modern Troubles

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Old God, Modern Troubles
by Erik, age 12

Odin the Wise One looked down upon the Great Earth with his one, almighty Eye, his Ravens perched with him, and he sighed a deep, long, mournful sigh. It would probably create a huge tsunami in Japan, but it couldn’t make things worse than they were. War, Distrust, Chaos, Selfishness, Impatience, and Ignorance plagued the Great Earth, along with many others. Odin sighed again, even though he knew he shouldn’t do it.

Odin signaled to three men standing nearby. One God, two Immortals. A burly, stocky man with a ginormous, round, red-haired beard walked over. He was carrying a War-Hammer (Mjolnr), and a humongous circular shield. Thor stood next to his father, and swore. Another man, also with a huge, red beard, stood taller than Thor, but wasn’t as strong, by a million-fold. Erik The Red drove his Broadsword into the ground next to the Gods, and swore. A brown haired, younger man with a smaller, braided beard walked over, standing next to his father and the Gods. Leif Eriksson leaned on his spear and War-Ax, and swore (hey – they’re vikings – give them a break!).

Odin pointed to the Great Earth, and said nothing. The others understood their mission. They must go and rescue the Great Earth from Extinction Within. They must reintroduce the Virtues of Old – Honesty, Patience, Peaceful, Generosity, Kindness, and Love – into the Hearts of Men.


ss5Erik was inspired to write this story from the “Character Study” writing prompt. Click here to view the prompt.

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