Photo prompt1

Find a creative way to combine the four items above into a fantastic, adventure story.
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One thought on “PHOTO PROMPT #1

  1. Becca – 10 – Howard County, Maryland

    The Puppy
    In every story there is a bad guy, and of course a good guy. But in this story, we are not going to follow either of them. We are going to follow a puppy.
    In a small city called Ardenburg, a shar pei puppy lay in a basket. He thought of all the things he wanted to do. It started to rain. He snuggled down under the bedding of his basket which was conveniently located under a bench in the village square.
    This dog’s name was Jupiter and at the moment he did not have a care in the world. As the morning sun rose in the sky and the rain stopped, he got up from his basket and went over to the nearby fountain and got a drink of water. At the same time, high up on a hill in the castle of Ardenburg; the queen was sitting down to eat breakfast with her family. The queen’s family consisted of herself, her husband, the king, and her daughter, the princess.
    The princess’s name was Rose. Rose was an only child and longed for more than the company of her parents. It just so happened that she very much wanted a dog. Every day she would go down to the village and see if anyone had a puppy to sell her. It seemed to Rose that there were never any puppies for sale and if there were puppies for sale; she was always too late to buy one.
    So today, she finished her breakfast early and headed down to the village square. She saw the stray little puppy in his basket under the bench and instantly loved him at once. She picked up Jupiter and hugged him. Jupiter looked into her eyes and was overcome with joy. Finally, he would have an owner! And, with one sweeping motion, Rose picked up the little puppy in one hand and his basket in the other and went back up the hill to her castle.
    This should have been how the story ended with Rose and Jupiter living happily ever after. Sadly, this was not the case. When Rose got home; she looked for a place to put Jupiter’s basket. She found the perfect spot in her bedroom under the window and next to her bed. She put the little basket on the floor and tidied up the bedding when she discovered a compass and map in the bottom of the basket.
    The map was labeled: “To the Pirate doubloons” and the terrain was drawn to look like Ardenburg and near the fountain in the village square there was a big “x”. As curious as Rose was and who wouldn’t be, she took the map and compass and went to the village square with Jupiter beside her. She went to the fountain and saw nothing but when she looked into the water she saw the reflection of a pirate ship!
    She quickly reached into the water and took out a toy pirate ship with very fine details. Jupiter was quite hungry though, you see he hadn’t had any breakfast, and he ate that toy pirate ship. Rose did not want him to get sick, so she went and took him to her father. He told her that she would have to take Jupiter to the far away doctor for shar pei puppies, by which you could only get to this distant land by travel in hot air balloons. This is where our story stops, because this is where the ending is. Jupiter is saved, and of course they all live happily after ever. The End.