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3 thoughts on “A Buggy Story

  1. That bug playing the guitar looks suspicious… :)
    Welcome to Happyland! The only place in the world where everyone gets along! There are no angry faces, no sad faces, no anything-short-of-smiley faces! It is the pinnacle of perfect places… Or is it?

    Only one bug knew Gyrc’s secret. And Gyrc didn’t know that she knew his secret. Gyrc just did what he always did – strum his guitar, while all of the bugs in Happyland brought him food. After all, his music was beautiful. The other bugs didn’t want it to stop. It should never ever stop.

    To Mirn’s ears, it was nothing. Mirn the ladybug was deaf. But, Mirn was given a 6th sense – to see what could not be seen. She could see the sound-waves of Gyrc’s guitar hitting the bugs in Happyland’s heads and/or antennae as they gathered food. Mirn went along with it to avoid suspicion. Mirn knew something was very wrong, but she just couldn’t place it.

    Then, one day, it hit her – the bugs in Happyland were never gathering food for themselves. They would starve when the plants stopped bearing food. The bugs were so busy serving Gyrc that they didn’t realize they were tired and hungry themselves!

    It was then that Mirn knew that Gyrc needed to be stopped. She sat on a tiny mushroom and thought about it.

    Mirn noticed whenever Gyrc stopped playing, the bugs would stop gathering for him, and whenever he started again, they went back to work.

    At that moment, Mirn knew exactly what to do. As she was delivering a seed to Gyrc, Mirn stopped to compliment him. Gyrc stopped playing to thank her, and Mirn reached over and grabbed Gyrc’s guitar. She snapped the guitar over her shell.

    The bugs woke up from their trance, Once they realized what was going on they chased Gyrc to the ends of the meadow.

    It was over.

    Happyland was happy once again. :)

  2. Great story, Erik! It made me laugh out loud… lol, as they say in digital land. Who KNEW there was such turmoil in the picture above? Good job finding the story arc in a seemingly innocent cartoon.

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