Sarah and Teddy

sarah and teddySARAH AND TEDDY
by Jennifer, age 11
Ocilla, Georgia, USA

Sarah was stranded on a small island in the Pacific Ocean. Sarah is a brown and white puppy, she was left on the island by her owner. She had a feeling that she was being watched. Sarah wondered over to a tidepool, she found herself looking into the face of a baby Great White. She leaned back as the shark swam forward.

“I got you!” it said.

“No, you don’t have anyone!” Sarah yelped.

“Yes, I do. I scared you,” he said. “Hey, what are you doing on this island? My name is Teddy. What is yours?” Teddy asked.

“My owner left me here, it is Sarah.” she said.

“Where are you from Sarah?” Teddy asked.

“I am from Florida.” Sarah answered gloomily.

“I could take you there! I know the way!” Teddy exclaimed and tried to swim out into the ocean, only to find himself stuck.

“No way! You will just eat me.” Sarah said.

“Oh no, I am stuck! If I stay here I will die! Help me Sarah!” Teddy said, panic creaping into his voice.

“Try swimming back and jumping over the entrance.” Sarah suggested. When Teddy tried and found out that it worked, he turned to Sarah and said, “How about since you saved my life, I help you to Florida.”

“Okay.” Sarah said, trusting Teddy enough to get on his back and bite his dorsal fin for a hold. Soon Sarah was swimming onto the Florida shore, she called to Teddy, “I won’t forget you Teddy, thank you!”

“Perhaps you don’t have to worry about that. I will take you anywhere you want to go. Just yelp my name. Let’s be friends,” Teddy suggested.

“Okay! I am glad to have you as a friend, Teddy!” Sarah called as she ran back to her owners house.

“Me too!” Teddy called and swam off.

kaw summer camp3Jennifer was inspired to write this short story using the “Unexpected Friends” writing prompt. Click here to view the prompt.

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3 thoughts on “Sarah and Teddy

  1. Jennifer- You did a great job with this prompt! I love how the shark earns the trust of the puppy. And what a fun name for a Shark: Teddy. When I think “Teddy”, I imagine someone/thing soft and cuddly like a stuffed bear. How did you come up with Teddy the Shark?