Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

Being the oldest of four siblings, I’ve experienced my fair share of sibling rivalry. Oh, the fights and arguments and tattling! It is a wonder we survived it all, especially my little brother. He was notorious for harassing his sisters. I remember one particular morning in which he decided to wake me up with a squirt gun. I don’t remember much, only that he frightened me and somehow he received a fat lip as a result. It certainly wasn’t my fault. I was sleeping. I couldn’t help it if I was startled awake and his face was only a few inches from mine. He remembers it differently, of course.

Sibling rivalry is a fantastic source of conflict for your stories, especially when you include humor and sweet revenge… er, I mean, sweet redemption. Today, you will write a fiction story about sibling rivalry or write about your experience with siblings.

Writing Prompt

Use your imagination to set up the perfect sibling rivalry.

  • Who are the siblings?
  • What do they want?

Insert a terrible problem.

  • What is the problem?
  • Who is in control of the situation?
  • How do they each feel?

End your story with a creative solution.

  • How did the siblings make up?

Now, start writing your story about sibling rivalry.


In the comment section below, share your first name, age, state, and country. Share your story.

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