KAWcoach.yellowThank you for contributing your expertise and insight to young writers.

Please observe the following guidelines when writing for our website.

1.  Familiarize yourself with kids are writers, especially our purpose and overall feel of the website.

2.  Our target audience is young writers, ages 10-18.  Articles must engage and challenge the oldest writer and remain accessible to the youngest.

3.  When possible, include a pfd. visual to increase engagement and interest.  Credit all visuals to the proper source or create your own.  When an article is submitted without a visual, the author’s headshot may be used.

4.  Keep information short, succinct and focused on one topic.  200 – 500 words is a good range.  On some cases, larger texts are acceptable.

5.  Inspire.  Have fun.  Engage the minds and pencils of young writers.  Our teaching should look VERY different than what kids receive in the classroom with a heavier emphasis on creativity and choice.

6.  Include the following elements in your article:
Title (topic and catchy phrase.)
Introduction (states purpose or topic, indirectly answers the question “What do good writers do?”)
– Clear description of strategy that offers an immediate take-away.  (practical suggestions/tips/strategies vs. theory)
Writing Exercise (short activity, prompt or writing adventure to engage and grow young writers)
-Media (photo or video illustrating your topic)

7. Include a short bio of yourself. (who you are, what you do, credentials, publishing history, when you started writing, website, etc.)

8. Include a pdf. of your headshot or recent photo.

9. Email submission to Michelle Lynn Senters at:  kidsarewriters(at)gmail(dot)com.  Embed the article within the email.  Add any media in pdf or jpeg.  In the email subject line, write “article submission.”

11.  We will review submissions for content, accessibility and engagement factor.  Submissions chosen for publication will undergo editing, if needed.

10. When your article is published, spread the news.  Consider posting the link on your blog, twitter, Facebook and other social media networks.

Thank you for your contribution.  Young writers are sure to benefit from your wisdom.
-Michelle Lynn Senters