You Are a Writer

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By Michelle Lynn Senters

Welcome to the first annual KIDS ARE WRITER’S Summer Camp!
Are you ready to have some fun?

You have a few tasks to do today.

1. Daily Check-In: Sign in below in the comment section. Include your first name, age, location (city, state, country), and tell me what you like to write. I am interested to see who lives furthest away from Colorado Springs, Colorado.2. Make sure you sign up for our free membership. The “Join KIDS ARE WRITERS” button is on the upper right side of this page. KIDS ARE WRITERS can also be found on Facebook. Follow our page (click here) to get notices of every article we post.

3. Take a tour of our website. Get to know the coaches. Read some articles. Try some prompts. I want to you be familiar with the website because it will be a useful tool for you.

4. Gather your writing materials. Read “The Writer’s Briefcase” article by Carrie Charley Brown to get ideas.  You can find her article by clicking the link here or by finding it on the home page.

Writing Prompt of the Day

Write the following words in your notebook…

I am a writer. 

Then, journal about the time you first realized you were a writer. How old were you? Journal about why you love to write, what you like to write about, and what your hopes and dreams are for writing. This is an important memory for you. Someday, you will want to look back and remember.

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Michelle Lynn Senters is the Founder and Director of KIDS ARE WRITERS. She spends her days working as a Reading Interventionist and spends her evenings writing books for children and adults. You can learn more about Michelle HERE and at

IMPORTANT: Students, NEVER reveal personal information while commenting. NO last names or contact information. I will delete any comments that contain personal information or comments that are inappropriate or off-topic.

84 thoughts on “You Are a Writer

  1. Happy first day of Summer Writing Camp! I will be the first to “check-in” Michelle. 44 years old. Colorado Springs, CO, USA. I love to write children’s books and adult inspirational nonfiction. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN, WRITERS…

    • Kaylie, 13 years old, Youngsville, LA

      I LOVE writing poetry of all kinds, and I like to create characters for short fiction stories. :)

    • Malta! That is amazing. I have always wanted to travel there. You would like Colorado Springs. We have wild animals in our front yard nearly every day. Foxes, deer, bear, and wildcats. You would have plenty to write about. Now I am dreaming of writing while sitting on your beautiful beaches of Malta!

  2. Kaitlin, 13 years old, Spokane Valley Wa, USA. I love to write mysteries and emotional fiction (stories that make me cry as I am writing them)

  3. Hi! My name is Ruthie, and I’m 8 years old. I live in Dusseldorf, Germany, and the state is Nordrheinwestfallea. I’m Ryan’s sister!!

  4. My name is Emilie. I am 36 years old. I live in Philadelphia, PA. I am doing this with two of my daughters, Ella and Evangeline. I like to write non-fiction about my life experiences and being a mother.

  5. I am Ella. I am 9 years old. I live in Pennsylvania. I usually like writing stories that have a lot of comedy and I also like talking about myself in my stories and recording who I am. I like making up characters too.

    • Hi, Ella- I suspect that you and Evangeline are sisters? I am so glad you are here. You will someday appreciate that you wrote about yourself. What great fun you will have as an adult when you look back to see who you were as a kid!

  6. I’m Evangeline and I’m 7 years old. I live in Pennsylvania. I like to write about characters from books or movies. And I really like adding adjectives to my writing and I love to draw.

    • Hello, Evangeline. I love your name! I might have to borrow it for a story someday. Beautiful. Adjectives can really help a story come to life, but you must use them carefully. Ask your parents to get you a thesaurus. I think you would like a thesaurus if you like adjectives.

  7. Sorry, I like to write fiction or fantasy. I get requests from my family members about what they would like to read from me. I am 13 and I live in Ocilla GA, U.S.A.

    • Welcome, Kirsti! For those of you who may not know, Kirsti is one of our amazing coaches. Be sure to check out her articles here on KIDS ARE WRITERS. So glad you and the kids are joining us, Kirsti.

  8. I will stay anonymous: See?-> (Kids, NEVER use your last names or share identifying information in your comment. Your email will not be shared.)

    Sorry, I can’t use that prompt. I am a story writer, not a journalist. Besides, I don’t know when I realized I could write stories. Also, I am good at coming up with my own ideas.

    • I agree with you, but it gives me something to puzzle over, beside I like the challenge of racking my brain to figure out when I became a writer.

  9. I realized that I was a writer when I was 12, I love to use my imagination in all stories, so I love to write fiction and fantasy. I want other kids to read my stories if they get published, hopefully they will, I don’t care for fame!

  10. My name is Wendy. I am 57 years old. I live in Mountville PA. I am a fourth grade teacher who teaches writing. I like to write personal narratives the most, but I am willing to try anything.

  11. I like to put my imagination on paper. It is all about what I think about. I like that I can tell jokes and tell funny stories on paper. Your paper can become famous!

    • I am a Writer
      I was six when I started writing. I liked making stories about ghosts. I like writing them to scare my big brother and I liked making stories about ghosts because it was scary and I liked teasing my big brother, Steel.

  12. I’m 35 years old and live in Iowa. I’ve not yet realized I’m a writer, even though I write almost every day. Writing prompts for kids might be a good start for me. I write diaries and sci fi adventure with a humanist bent.

  13. Thank you! My kids and a friend and I are challenging each other to become better writers and have fun with your prompts. I’ve been writing since I was a kid, but stopped when I became an adult. I need to get back to it.

  14. Emilie, 13 years old, Sunset, Utah, USA.

    I like to write dystopian stories and realistic fiction.

  15. My name is Chloe. I am 9 years old. I live in Massachusetts. And my favorite type of writing is Fairy Tales and Fantasy.

  16. My name is Alicia and I am old enough to have six children. My home is in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, just outside of Yosemite National Park. When I was in the 6th grade, I remember writing a “mystery” for class. I believe she wrote something encouraging along with my grade, and THAT is when I believed that I was a writer.

    • Can you say “Doesn’t follow directions?” I guess I got my assignments mixed up. I love to write with my children, helping them to dress up their writing with exciting adjectives and interesting verbs.

  17. My name is Madison, I’m 10 yrs old and I’m from Brooklyn, NY. I’m thinking that the writing program might be interesting. I am also very interested in writing stories about fantasy. I’m a big fan of Erin Hunters ‘Warriors’ series and I’d love to write something as good as she has one day. I am excited to start this Camp!

  18. I’m Vanessa, 39, from Newcastle, Australia. My children, 9 and 10, are writers (of lyrics and lists) and I hope they’ll take this class with me. Sometimes life gets busy and I forget I need to write, and feel out of sync until I get back to writing. I write fiction for children and teens, articles and journals. I chose this class because I want to be more child-like (fearless, fresh, spontaneous, impulsive) in my writing.

  19. I am Carrie, a Writing Coach here at Kids Are Writers. It is so exciting to see so many enthusiastic kids and adults here at camp! I am 42 years old, live in Mansfield, Texas, and I LOOOOVE to write picture books for children!

  20. WOOO!!! Lots of people! 😀
    I am Erik, 12, born in Ohio (I was “Born in the USA”!), lived near Philadelphia, PA, and has recently moved to a very small town in Northern PA. I think I am pretty good at writing funny stories. I like to write Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mild Dystopian (in the future, but not much has changed), and pretty much anything else. I also like to write book reviews at my blog, I am also thinking of writing parodies for songs. 😉

  21. I am DT, and I am 11 years old. I like to write about sports and fictional stories about animals.

  22. Hi! I’m Diane. Take 25 and multiply it by 2, then add 5 more to it, and you have my age. Yes, I am that YOUNG. Giggle, giggle. I love to write. In fact, I am writing this now. I started writing for children in a poetry class last year. I love writing prompts because it stirs the imagination. So, Let’s all get out there and write! Go You!

  23. Hi! I am Andrew and I’m 8. I am in Lafayette, LA and I like to write poems. My mom Tanya is 42 and will be writing with me too. She likes to write poems too.

  24. Hi! I am Felicia, one of the kid writing coaches. I am too busy to participate due to writing my second book, but I am glad to see so many people are signing up! I am 11 years old and from Pennsylvania.

  25. Hello! My name is Corinne, I live in Idaho in the USA, and am 15 years old. I write fiction, and mostly fantasy at that. I have dabbled in mystery and sci-fi a little bit.

  26. Hi! My name is Paul and our home is in Cody, Wyoming. I am 11 years old like to write historical fiction.

  27. My name is Faith. I live in Cody, Wyoming. I’m 6 years old and I like to write stories about anything.

  28. James here, reporting from Cody, WY. I’m 8 and I like to write fiction with a lot of action. It’s really fun!

  29. Zsa Zsa, 9 years old, Mittelbrunn, Germany. i like to write about cats, kittys, and even more cats.

  30. Eli, 11 years old, Mittelbrunn, Germany. i like to write about dogs, batman, and my faverote game, minecraft. also i am Zsa Zsa’s brother.

  31. Hi. I am Eddie and I live in Ahwahnee, CA. Mrs. Becker told us about your class and I am looking forward to learning how to write better. I am 17 years old. I like to write historical fiction.

  32. Hi, I am Eddie’s sister Bekah and I am 13. I have always loved to write–I like to write a variety of stuff–I keep a journal and I also write stories and spend a lot of time writing letters to my friends and cousins who live far away.

  33. I’m Elijah, 10 years old, from Newcastle Australia. I think this program is really cool. I like to write songs, non-fiction and fiction.

  34. Hi I’m Tara I am 6 I may be the youngest one but I am great at writing. I live in Sydney Australia and like writing about creative things. In kindergarten I was doing “On the weekend i….” I realised it was fun. p.s i am a girl

  35. My name is Jennifer, I live in Ocilla Georgia. I am 11, and I love to write fantasy or fiction! I love the writers breifcase!!

  36. Hi my name is Sophia I am 9. I live in New York. I like to write non-fiction and fiction stories.

  37. hi I’m jordan i live in Seminole Florida and i first liked writing at the age of 10 at 4th grade when i wrote a silly story and i like to write fiction

  38. Hi, I am from California but am spending the summer in Tennessee.I am fifteen and am not sure what I like to write about. I have written some of my own poems and I like to make them happy, encouraging and up-lifting.

  39. Hi, my name is Hosanna. I live in Fresno CA but am spending the summer in Crossville TN. I am 13 years old. I have enjoyed writing letters to my friends. I have also enjoyed writing some poetry, as long as it is happy and encouraging!

  40. Hi, I’m Alia and I love writing and making my own books.I live in Massachusetts, in the United States. I am 8 and a half years old.

  41. hi, my name is raven.i am 13 years old and i live in TX. i first recognized i had a love for writing in 6th grade. i made several poems and fictional stories. i was allowed and encouraged to use my own imagination to create characters, places, and plots. i have to thank my English teacher for helping me find this hidden talent.

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