A New Hero



By Michelle Lynn Senters-

Hello, Super Writers! It’s time for a new hero, don’t you agree?
Answer the following questions to develop your character. Tomorrow, you will write and draw a comic strip about your superhero.










  1. Develop your superhero by answering the above questions.
  2. Draw some sketches of your superhero doing different things: saving someone, fighting the enemy, resting, etc. Sketch out your superhero’s costume. Sketch their nemesis.
  3. Begin thinking about tomorrow’s comic strip. How will you introduce your character?


Write your first name, age, and a brief description of your superhero in the comment section below.

headshot smallMichelle Lynn Senters is the Founder and Director of KIDS ARE WRITERS. She spends her days working as a Reading Interventionist and spends her evenings writing books for children and adults. You can learn more about Michelle HERE and at www.michellelynnsenters.com.

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10 thoughts on “A New Hero

  1. My name is Chloe. I am 9. My Super Hero’s name is Electricity girl!
    Electricity girl is very brave. She saves the city using her electricity powers. Her nemesis is Heat Stroke man!
    By the way this is a really fun prompt!

  2. My name is Nadia and my super-hero is cat. he had discovered his powers of tellikines and laser coming out of his eyes at will( have no idea how to spell that)by, eating a slice of swiss cheese. his only nemesis is dog pack a large pack of huge dogs with sharp teeth. Cats, only weakness can not be told due to the fact that dog pack may be reading this (u will find out in the comic…..) one more thing is that cat has a side kick. his side kick is power kitten (power kitten came up with that name not cat if it was up to him power kitten would be named com due to his “power” being having a really good aim with a sling shot and computers)
    =^D.D^= =^d.d^=
    cat power kitten

  3. @Nadia, LOVE your superhero cat– especially the power kitten. (And I totally understand being careful of having dogs listening in… Arf Arf!) :) Great job on this prompt

  4. Erik, age 12:
    My Hero’s name is Cherubim. He *claims* to be an actual cherubim angel, but no one is sure. He has 6 white wings (four on his back, one behind each ear). According to him, all cherubim have a flaming sword, plus another weapon choice. When he draws his sword from its sheath, his wings turn into “feathers of flame”. He can fly and has power over fire. He rides a white “chopper” motorcycle. He is known to wear a white leather jacket, white reflective aerator’s sunglasses, etc. while on his motorcycle. To go into his “costume”, a flame circles around him, putting him into a white and red tunic, and revealing his wings. His weakness is not only water (while his wings and sword are on fire, as it destroys his wings and sword, making him “mortal”), but a cross upside down (though right-side up strengthens him). He is a tad pompous, saying he came straight from Heaven, and how everything in this world is horrible. He has been known to team up with the superhero Godspeed, a superspeedster. His arch-nemesis’s are Ultimatum and Black Matter.

    I LOVE this prompt! :)

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