By Michelle Lynn Senters-

Dialogue is simply the conversation between two or more people within a story.

Dialogue is used to:

  • move the plot forward
  • reveal the relationship between characters
  • increase tension
  • reveal character
  • show how someone feels


(a conversation between the penguins pictured above)

“Come on! Let’s try it,” whispered Ping.

“But, it’s against the rules,” said Pallow. 

“We have to go down the ice slide.” Ping pointed to the waddle of penguins near the water. “All the big penguins do it.”

“But, it’s cold and it’s wet and it’s scary,” whimpered Pallow.

Ping took a deep breath. “Well, I’m doing it!” He scampered across the ice before Pallow could stop him.

“I’m telling!” yelled Pallow. “MOM!”


Today, you will write a dialogue between two characters. You do not need to write the full story.

  • Choose one of the following photographs.
  • Study the characters and imagine the conversation they are having.
  • Write the dialogue between the two characters.
  • To review how to use punctuation in dialogue, click here.


Write your first name, age, photo used, and dialogue in the comment box below.


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9 thoughts on “Dialogue

  1. Hi! My name is Hosanna. I am 13 years old. I wrote about picture number six! It was fun! I hope you like it!
    Here it is:
    One day two little boys named Jake and Jack were playing together. They were playing with some trucks that had been left around and having a great time!
    Jake said, ” My Mom’s car is really big. You should see it!”
    “Really!” Said Jack. “How big is it?”
    “This big!” Said Jake holding out his hands.
    “No!” Said Jack. “You’ve got to be joking! That is HUGE!”
    “I am not joking.”Jake insisted “It really is that big!”
    “Ohhhhh!” Breathed Jack out loud before he realized it. He could not comprehend a car of that incredible size!

  2. Hi my name is Chloe. I am 9 and a half years old. I chose to write about picture number 10.
    Here I go!
    One day a little named Evan was sitting outside looking at the cloud filled sky.
    Slam! The house door opened and Evan’s father came out of the house.” Son. There is a big world out there. Filled with many beautys and dangers. I just want you to have this.” he said handing him a map.
    And that is where the adventure began!

    • Great job of foreshadowing Chloe. :) Your beginning makes me definitely want to read more. Will Evan use the map to go on some amazing adventures? Who will he take with him? Where will he end up? Keep going on this one. It’s sure to lead the reader on a fantastic ride.

  3. I’m Erik, age 12, and I chose Picture #7.

    Kallie thought that this was the moment. The moment when Zak would ask her THE question. She crossed her fingers, muttered to herself, “Oh, please, let it be TRUE, please, please, please!”
    Zak reached behind his back. “Kallie? You know what I’ve been telling you about for a while now?”
    “Well, you see, I have this ring-”
    “And I was wondering-”
    “You were wondering what?”
    “I was wondering if you could read this small print. You have better eyes than I do.”
    Kallie fainted.

  4. Hello! My name is Bailey and I am an 11 and a half year old girl from Arizona,USA. I chose the 10th photo (the little boy and his father). I hope that you like it!
    “Do you see that one right there, that looks like our living room sofa” said Papi. They were admiring the clouds in the morning sky. “Hmm…, I suppose it does if I look at it at that angle, but from here it looks like a disfigured donkey eating Mrs. Marcia’s lemon pie” exclaimed Alejandro. They both erupted in laughter. “Son, I love your imagination” said Papi, staring into Alejandro’s eyes. “I think I could use some training” Papi exclaimed. Giggling, father and son spent the rest of the morning in each others company.

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