Laughing with Charlie


By Michelle Lynn Senters-

The legendary Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) rose to fame during the silent film era as a comedian, actor, and filmmaker. 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of “Tramp”, a screen character created by Charlie.

%22A day without laughter,


Watch the following clip from Charlie’s 1936 film, “Modern Times” and choose one or both of the activities below.

  1. Using the film as inspiration, write a short story. Don’t just “tell” what happened in the film. Write the larger story. Create characters. What was the purpose of the invention? What happened after the scene ends? ADD HUMOR.
  2. Create an advertisement (poster, flyer, brochure) for the invention depicted in the film clip. Use pictures and words to SELL the invention. Highlight the advantages and downplay the problems. ADD HUMOR.

To see the film full-screen, click the box in the lower right corner.

To learn more about Charlie Chaplin, click here.


Write your first name and age in the comment section below. What did you like about Charlie’s film? Did it spark new ideas?

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  1. Erik, 12. The video is hilarious! That’s the first Charlie Chaplin video I’ve actually seen. Have you ever seen a Buster Keaton movie? :) I like the malfunctions of the machine. :)

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