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By Michelle Lynn Senters-

For those of you who live in the United States, Happy 4th of July! This is the day we celebrate our independence with fireworks, picnics, music, and family time.

Have you ever wanted to CREATE your own holiday? As a child, I invented the “Michelle Gets Everything She Wants Day” and “Michelle is the Boss of Everything Day”. Needless to say, those holidays were not accepted by my family. They were holidays celebrated only in the imagination of a child.

As an adult, however, I created a family holiday that we celebrate every year. It’s called “Pie Making Day”. After my beloved Grandmother died, I wanted to create a special way to honor and remember her each year. I thought about who she was, what she taught me, and the memories we made together. My Grandmother LOVED making pies and even more, she loved TEACHING me how to make pies. I remember her wrinkled hands rolling out the pie dough. I remember the sound of her voice as she told me her pie making secrets.

So, each year in November, we celebrate Grandma with a “Pie Making Day”. It is one of our favorite holidays of the year. We laugh and share memories about Grandma. I teach my daughters how to roll out the dough and share Grandma’s pie making secrets. It is a joyful day.

Today, you are going to invent your own holiday. Use your imagination with this. It can be a realistic holiday that you can celebrate each year. It can be a magical holiday you celebrate in your imagination. As I was thinking about what new holiday I wanted to celebrate, I invented the “Bring Your Dragon To School Day”- a special day in which students can bring their pet dragons to school. All of a sudden, my mind exploded with ideas and a new children’s book was born! I am writing it now.


Do one (or ALL) of activities detailed below. I am off to write a children’s book about my new holiday,  “Bring Your Dragon to School Day”.  Happy writing!


Check in below with your first name, age, title of your holiday, and a short description of your holiday.






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Michelle Lynn Senters is the Founder and Director of KIDS ARE WRITERS. She spends her days working as a Reading Interventionist and spends her evenings writing books for children and adults. You can learn more about Michelle HERE and at

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29 thoughts on “Invent a Holiday

  1. Name: Ryan
    Age: 9
    Holiday: Banana Day
    Description: On Banana Day, you are supposed to eat a little banana or eat a dish with banana in it. It is on January 9th and was created to eat healthier

  2. My name is Chloe. I am 9 years old. My Holiday is : Do Whatever you want to do with your BFF day!! It is a Holiday when you do whatever you want with your BFF.

  3. My name is MK and I am 9 years old. I would like to celebrate the famous women of America. The celebration will have doilies, jars, lace, candles, table cloths, and jewelry. I would like to have corn bread, corn, dumplings, cheese, crackers, fruit, and roasted chicken for dinner. If I hosted this celebration, I would invite people with paper invitations and have everyone wear a costume of a famous American woman. I think we should have a famous holiday for famous women of America.

  4. My name is Bella and I am 13. My holiday is called Midnight’s Day. It is in honor of my deceased cat Midnight. We will share memories about her and watch the fireworks! So it’s like blending 4th of July and her death, to make a wonderful memory!

  5. My name is Jennifer and I am 11. My holiday is called “Pet Day!” It is a day were you send the whole day taking your pet every where. And spend the whole day with them!

  6. Emily, 13, clue day, each family member sets up a trail of clues for another family member and they spend the day following the trails. Everyone dresses in all one color based on the team they’re on (if they choose to use teams). If the family desires, the clues can lead to food for meals or other necessities. The clues also don’t have to be limited to a household. If the whole community participates, they can be all around town.

  7. I have a holiday I celebrate every year called my Spiritual Birthday. I choose a theme based on the year’s events, for example one year when I was feeling particularly scared of people, my theme was Eyelashes. People’s eyelashes are delicate, just like them and me. Probably people were just as scared of me as I was of them! Then I make a project to help me remember the theme, for example a mask with great big eyelashes.

  8. Kaitlin, age 13,
    “Characters Day” it is a day where you dress up as a favorite character from a book or movie and must act adds talk like them. (It does not really exist, but I wish it did! Lol)

  9. I’m Ruthie, and my holiday is Cat Day, since I love cats. There would be plenty of things to do to celebrate. If you aren’t allergic, you could play with cats, look at cats in pet shops, feed them treats, and there are benifets even if you are allergic. You can look at pictures of cats, even pretend to be a cat. You eat lots of fish, since lots of cats love fish. And I’m pretty sure cats also like chicken, so that would be good. You can wear fake cat ears and fake cat tails everywhere, and if you want, you can bring your cat with you everywhere! And pet stores hand out free cat treats to anyone that has a cat with them!

  10. I’m gonna have kitten day! yay! you can dress up as cats, and if you play minecraft please get a cat skin. You can eat fish for that day, and give your cats a special dinner. Cats are fun so play with them, maybe get them a new toy. If you DON’T have a cat… I suggest you get one. lol. :p

  11. I will have history day. It will be like Halloween, but you dress up like famous people of history.

  12. I’m Erik, and I’m 12. :) Hmm… My fun one is The Century of Erik Ruling the World. It is me, spending 100 years ruling the world. 😉 My more serious one is Meet Famous People For Free If Your Name is Erik S. W. Months! It lasts for 6 months. 😉

  13. Livia,

    Read the prompt in the attached email… write about ur holiday!

    Love you ! Mom

    • Excuse me, You did not tell what holiday you made up, and you did not attach an email. If you did its not there. By the way, this is not text.

  14. My holiday is to celebrate the Native Americans for helping the Pilgrims.Also celebrating frogs for… well….. for existing.

  15. first of all i love the cat holiday it is epic!! :).But my holiday would be free day were you get one wish that can be anything once in a life tim when you become 10 years old.Lol my wish would be infinite wishes hehehehehehehe epic holidays!!!! happy fourth of july!.

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