Road Trip

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You and your family are going on a road trip. Your bags are packed and the adventure awaits.

But this is not a normal vacation.

Family Road Trip

Writers sometimes use music to inspire the “feel” of a story. Choose from the music clips below to determine the type of vacation your family will have.

Song 1


Song 2


Song 3


Song 4


Song 5


Write a short story about a family road trip. Use one of the songs above to determine the “feel” of your vacation.


Write your first name, age, song number, and a sentence about your story in the COMMENT section below.

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    • I’m glad you liked the prompt. I am quite limited in what music and photos I can post because of copyright issues. Remember that you can always alter a prompt so that it meets your interests, needs, and ability level. This isn’t about following the directions perfectly or about getting a good grade. It is to encourage you to write and practice your craft consistently. Feel free to find a song that best serves as a soundtrack to your vacation! Happy writing!

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