Superhero Comic Strip

Kids are writers-2

By Michelle Lynn Senters- Yesterday, you created a new superhero. Click here to review prompt. You thought about the following details: Who- Is your superhero a boy, girl, man, woman, alien, or animal? What is their name? Costume- What does your superhero wear? What are their signature colors? Superpowers- What is your character’s superpower or special ability? […]

A New Hero


  By Michelle Lynn Senters- Hello, Super Writers! It’s time for a new hero, don’t you agree? Answer the following questions to develop your character. Tomorrow, you will write and draw a comic strip about your superhero. ACTIVITY Develop your superhero by answering the above questions. Draw some sketches of your superhero doing different things: saving someone, […]

Get Inspired with Found Poetry


By John Brush- Does the word “poetry” put you in a panic? Fear no more. With found poetry, you’ll be able to create a beautiful poem in a stress-free environment. To create a found poem, the writer selects words from an existing piece of writing and then rearranges those words to create an original poem. […]