On Location

On Location

When newscasters, screenwriters, and movie directions use the term, “on location”, it means they are filming at the physical site of the story. Writers can bring their readers “on location” by describing the setting. The setting may include: geographical location (city, state, and/or country) description of location conditions (socio-economic or environmental conditions) time historical context seasons […]

The Perfect First Line

The Perfect First Line

As writers, we must be great fishermen. Yes. Fisherman. In other words, we must “hook” our reader and convince them to keep reading our story. We do that by creating a great first line.  Read the following first lines and see if they grab your attention: “It was a bright cold day in April, and […]

The Writer’s Notebook


By Michelle Lynn Senters- Do you like to collect things? Some people collect rocks, seashells, or various items from nature. Others collect coins, stamps, or figurines. Toys, junk, books, dolls, ball point pens, and antiques. Collections come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the typical (rocks) to the absurd (wads of chewed bubblegum, yuck). A […]

Writer’s Rest


By Michelle Lynn Senters- Our title, “Writers Rest” is a an example of a perfect “subject-verb agreement”. Our plural subject (WRITERS) agrees with the plural verb (REST). RULE OF GRAMMAR: A singular subject requires a singular verb. Example: The boy reads. A plural subject requires a plural verb. Example: The boys read. Yes, “Writers Rest” is an example […]

Brain Boosting Superpower

kaw summer camp2

By Michelle Lynn Senters- Today, we are going to find our BRAIN BOOSTING SUPER POWER! Now, before you think this is kids stuff, let me assure you that the following activity is great for both kids and adults. What Makes KIDS ARE WRITERS DIFFERENT? Like school and other writing programs, KIDS ARE WRITERS teaches writing […]

You Are a Writer

kaw summer camp1

By Michelle Lynn Senters Welcome to the first annual KIDS ARE WRITER’S Summer Camp! Are you ready to have some fun? You have a few tasks to do today. 1. Daily Check-In: Sign in below in the comment section. Include your first name, age, location (city, state, country), and tell me what you like to write. […]

Three Reasons to Use the Unexpected in Your Writing

3 reasons to use the unexpected

By Kirsti Call- Let’s take a look at stories from our childhood.  An elephant and a pig are best friends.  A dinosaur longs to dance the ballet.  A princess saves the prince from a dragon.   What do these stories have in common?  They are unexpected! Unexpected friendships create interest.  In Mo Willems’s, Elephant and Piggie series, we are […]

The Writer’s Briefcase

writer's briefcase2

By Carrie Charley Brown Does it feel like you are always on the go? Whether it’s a vacation, weekend road trips, travel to sporting events, or just plain waiting for Mom in the doctor’s office, the Writer’s Briefcase will offer hours of exciting writing adventures for you. You can take it anywhere and it will […]

Anthropomorphism: Make Objects Come Alive


4 Steps to Making Objects Come Alive in Your Writing! Can socks talk? Do eggplants have feelings? Can steering wheels choose to turn? As writers, we can make anything come alive. When we make objects or animals have human qualities, it’s called anthropomorphism! Here’s how to use anthropomorphism in your story. 1. Choose an object. […]

Write in a New Place

Write in a New Place

By Michelle Lynn Senters- As a full-time writer, I spend many hours a day staring into the computer screen.  My eyes grow weary.  My brain becomes mush and soon, I realize I have nothing to say.  Every writer goes through “writer’s block” (the inability to put words on the page) and every writer has their […]