A Teeny, Tiny Story

A Teeny, Tiny Story

Writing Prompt Use the following photographs to create a story. The photos can be used in any order. Answer the questions to plan your story. Who is the story about? What do the ants want? What is their problem? How did they solve their problem? How does the story end? CHECK-IN Write your first name, […]

“Listen To Me!”

Listen to me

Dialogue is simply the conversation between two or more people within a story. Writers use dialogue to: move the plot forward reveal the relationship between characters increase tension reveal character show how someone feels ACTIVITY Today, you will write a dialogue between two characters. You do not need to write the full story. Choose one of […]

The Perfect First Line

The Perfect First Line

As writers, we must be great fishermen. Yes. Fisherman. In other words, we must “hook” our reader and convince them to keep reading our story. We do that by creating a great first line.  Read the following first lines and see if they grab your attention: “It was a bright cold day in April, and […]

Sources of Inspiration


By Michelle Lynn Senters- This week, we continue to train our brain to think like a writer. Today, you will learn how to transform a life story (true experience from your life or from someone you know) into a fictional story. Think about the stories of your life. Think about the pictures in your photo […]

Dragon Stories


By Norma Atwood- For your next writing adventure, I’ve drawn several dragons to inspire you. Click the image to print.       ACTIVITY Choose one of the dragons to write about. Develop their character. Choose a name. If you want to print a copy of your dragon, click the picture and print. Decide on the […]

A New Hero


  By Michelle Lynn Senters- Hello, Super Writers! It’s time for a new hero, don’t you agree? Answer the following questions to develop your character. Tomorrow, you will write and draw a comic strip about your superhero. ACTIVITY Develop your superhero by answering the above questions. Draw some sketches of your superhero doing different things: saving someone, […]

Vacation for Santa


 WRITE A STORY FOR CHILDREN Children loves stories in which a familiar character does something unusual. Today, you will write a children’s story about Santa’s vacation. Just consider the possibilities! STORY BASICS Title: (Choose your own title) Audience: children, ages 4-8 Character(s): Santa Claus (Mrs. Claus, elves, reindeer, etc.) Problem: Santa Claus is tired of […]

Fables- Aesop Style


By Michelle Lynn Senters- Today, we are writing a fable in the style of Aesop. A fable is short story that conveys a moral, a lesson in proper conduct. Most fables use personified animals (animals that speak and act like humans) as their main characters, but humans and inanimate objects are also used. Aesop was a Greek […]

Character Study


By Michelle Lynn Senters KIDS ARE WRITERS is going vintage today. As a writer, I use old photographs to study character. I choose a photo and study the setting, clothing and expression on their face. I imagine their life, what they want, and how they feel. This study often leads to new story ideas. Activity […]