Three Reasons to Use the Unexpected in Your Writing

3 reasons to use the unexpected

By Kirsti Call- Let’s take a look at stories from our childhood.  An elephant and a pig are best friends.  A dinosaur longs to dance the ballet.  A princess saves the prince from a dragon.   What do these stories have in common?  They are unexpected! Unexpected friendships create interest.  In Mo Willems’s, Elephant and Piggie series, we are […]

Story Elements: SETTING

Setting KAW

By Michelle Lynn Senters- Little Red Riding Hood is a European folktale, first published by Charles Perrault in 1697. Brother’s Grimm published a happier version of the tale in the early 1800’s. Click here to read versions by Perrault, Brother’s Grimm and other early writers. To see modern examples of Little Red Riding Hood, click here. SETTING In […]

Who Did It? A Lesson in Perspective

Point of view1

By Michelle Lynn Senters- A NARRATOR tells a story from his or her point of view or perspective. Determine who is telling the story above: dog, girl, or an observer (parent, sibling, friend). Write in FIRST-PERSON, meaning the narrator is giving a personal account about what happened. First-person point of view uses the words “I” and “we”. Include […]