Family Stories

Kids are writers

 Family Stories I sat close to my Grandmother as she embroidered a bird on a fabric napkin. “Watch how I use a knot to make the bird’s eye,” she said. I studied her fingers as she pushed the needle through the material, lifting and turning and pushing again until an eye appeared on the bird. I looked at my grandmother […]

You Are a Writer

kaw summer camp1

By Michelle Lynn Senters Welcome to the first annual KIDS ARE WRITER’S Summer Camp! Are you ready to have some fun? You have a few tasks to do today. 1. Daily Check-In: Sign in below in the comment section. Include your first name, age, location (city, state, country), and tell me what you like to write. […]

Narrative Nonfiction: Telling a Story with Facts


It’s finally happened. You have to write a story based on a nonfiction event or idea. Sound boring? Not so fast. While a nonfiction story MUST use real facts, there is no reason it has to be boring. Narrative nonfiction is one category that makes a big splash in libraries, schools, and even wins a lot of […]