A Teeny, Tiny Story

A Teeny, Tiny Story

Writing Prompt Use the following photographs to create a story. The photos can be used in any order. Answer the questions to plan your story. Who is the story about? What do the ants want? What is their problem? How did they solve their problem? How does the story end? CHECK-IN Write your first name, […]

Summer Vacation- DISASTER

Copy of What's Your Problem?

Writing Prompt Use your imagination to dream up the perfect vacation. Who are you vacationing with? Where are you going? How did you get there? What activities did you plan? Insert a terrible problem. (Look at the photos below for ideas.) What problem got in the way of your perfect vacation? How did everyone react? […]

Making Headlines

SC15-Making Headlines

By Michelle Lynn Senters Welcome to the 2nd Annual KIDS ARE WRITER’S Summer Camp! Here is what you should know: KIDS ARE WRITERS will post a writing prompt or activity every day (Monday-Friday) throughout the month of July. These activities are designed to educate and inspire you to write with passion and creativity. Take a look at […]

A Love Story

summer camp29

By Michelle Lynn Senters- Writers use “love” as a central theme in many stories because it is a common human experience. Think about ways in which you have seen or experienced love. What have you learned? What is important to you? What does your heart long for? ACTIVITY Explore the photos below. How is love shown in each […]



By Michelle Lynn Senters- Dialogue is simply the conversation between two or more people within a story. Dialogue is used to: move the plot forward reveal the relationship between characters increase tension reveal character show how someone feels Example (a conversation between the penguins pictured above) “Come on! Let’s try it,” whispered Ping. “But, it’s against […]

Make Me Laugh


By Michelle Lynn Senters- ACTIVITY We have a fun and easy prompt today. Choose from one of the silly photos below and write a paragraph designed to MAKE ME LAUGH! It’s time to find your funny. SIGN-IN In the comment section below, write your first name, age, and your funny paragraph. (Please, no potty humor or […]

Dragon Stories


By Norma Atwood- For your next writing adventure, I’ve drawn several dragons to inspire you. Click the image to print.       ACTIVITY Choose one of the dragons to write about. Develop their character. Choose a name. If you want to print a copy of your dragon, click the picture and print. Decide on the […]

Internal Dialogue- Exposing the Thoughts of Your Character

summer camp7

By Michelle Lynn Senters- Today, we are talking about internal dialogue- the thoughts and conversations inside the mind of a character. When I saw the following video, I immediately thought of internal dialogue. The video was made by flying a drone and camera INSIDE a fireworks display. Watch the video and see if you can make […]

Character Study


By Michelle Lynn Senters KIDS ARE WRITERS is going vintage today. As a writer, I use old photographs to study character. I choose a photo and study the setting, clothing and expression on their face. I imagine their life, what they want, and how they feel. This study often leads to new story ideas. Activity […]

Unexpected Friends

kaw summer camp3

By Michelle Lynn Senters Today, we have a fun writing prompt and an opportunity to publish  your story on KIDS ARE WRITERS. FRIENDSHIPS Some friendships come easy. We laugh alike. We sound alike. We look alike. We eat the same foods, speak the same language, and laugh at the same jokes. While these friendships are […]

Story Elements: SETTING

Setting KAW

By Michelle Lynn Senters- Little Red Riding Hood is a European folktale, first published by Charles Perrault in 1697. Brother’s Grimm published a happier version of the tale in the early 1800’s. Click here to read versions by Perrault, Brother’s Grimm and other early writers. To see modern examples of Little Red Riding Hood, click here. SETTING In […]

My Brother, the Superhero


By Michelle Lynn Senters- Consider the quote and respond with writing. Siblings are GREAT subjects for stories and journal entries. Does your brother or sister have a “superpower”? Is your sibling a hero? Tell a story or write a paragraph (fiction or non-fiction) about a superhero brother or sister. You may share your writing in the […]