The Alligator Cart

alligator cart


by Bella, age 13

My name is Emily Swanson and I was always picked on for being a little strange. My father and mother, Gabriel and Carrion Swanson, both died in a fire when I was one, so my grandmother Ruthie had to raise me from then on. She always encouraged me about my strange habits, even when I could tell she didn’t like them.

I was never one to cry about being picked on, I would stand up and smart off at anyone who laughed, snickered, or pointed at me with a funny face. That, the getting picked on, all changed when my grandma bought me a small cart made out of wood when I was three. The tiny cart was to small to be drawn by the miniature horses normal girls had, but I was okay with that, I would find a way to get to school using this cart.

I was down by that lake waiting on my grandma to get there, for I was made to sit here for punching Sally May in the nose for calling me the ugly duckling, when I saw a young alligator’s tail. I followed the alligator until it got caught in an old fishing next. As I watched, the young alligator got tangled by twisting itself around and thrashing.

I ran into the water and, using a small knife I found on the ground, cut the poor alligator free. Once it was free I saw it turn and waited for it to snap at me, but instead I felt a scaly skin rubbing against my leg. The alligator was nuzzling me! I quickly grabbed it and ran home, hiding it from my grandmother, I tucked it safely into the pond and named her Swan.

The next morning I called Swan’s name and she slide out of the water, waiting patiently as I hooked her to my cart and I told her to go back to the big pond. On my way to school, I saw Sally May sneer at me and chat “the ugly duckling has returned”, that is until she saw Swan. Sally May screamed and ran to the school-house. When we arrived at the pond’s bank, I told Swan to stay where she could hear me and she obeyed.

From that day forward I was known as Emily, the girl who owns The Alligator Cart!

(I hope you enjoy it!)


ss5Bella was inspired to write this story from the “Character Study” writing prompt. Click here to view the prompt.

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