The Big Decision

movie star


by Kaylie, age 13
Character: “Annabel Rose”

I was hoping for a miracle. Something to save me from making the big decision. There was absolutely no way that I would leave my family, my friends, my childhood home behind.

Mrs. Trixie said I would become the next big thing, a movie star. She told me moving to California for five years was nothing. It was worth it. I just couldn’t tell myself that. Leaving would mean that I wasn’t accepting myself. But, becoming an actress would mean I could live out my dream. I could be famous, rich, even. My family would never have to live in hunger or work again. The choice was hard.

I sat in the park, gazing at the gurgling fountain filled with koi. They looked so happy, content with themselves. The opposite of me. Mrs. Trixie told me I had until evening to make the choice. Suddenly, I knew what to do…


ss5Kaylie was inspired to write this story from the “Character Study” writing prompt. Click here to view the prompt.

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